20 Christmas gift ideas for employees in 2022

Giving employees holiday gifts is one of the best ways to keep your employees engaged – it shows your team that you care about them and value their contributions to your company. While certainly not required, holiday gifts for employees can be part of building a loyal and effective team. Gifts don’t always have to be expensive (movie tickets or a free dinner are great options) and can even be work-related (such as a desk decoration or a continuing development course).

Here are some employee gift ideas to consider this season.

1. Gift card

Gift card Treat yourself

Gift card Treat yourself (Source: Giftcards.com)

One of the most popular gifts for employees is a gift card. These can be used to purchase items from a variety of stores, making them versatile and convenient. You can get store-specific gift cards or a general gift card that employees can use anywhere, expanding your options.

2. Free Dinner

Free Dining at The Mary Lane in Manhattan, NY.

The Mary Lane in Manhattan, New York (Source: OpenTable)

If you have employees who are foodies, a free meal from a local restaurant is a great way to show your appreciation. Not only will you be giving them a delicious meal, but they will also be able to support a local business.

3. Netflix subscription

Netflix subscription.

(Source: Netflix YouTube channel)

Giving a Netflix subscription can improve your employees’ free time and is also a great way to help your team take on your non-labor costs. The benefit of a Netflix gift card is that you can pay for a month, a year, or more of an employee’s subscription, and you’re not linking a company credit card to an employee’s personal account.

4. Gift basket

Caroo gift basket.

(Source: Caroo)

If you want to give your employees a more personal gift, try sending them a curated gift basket. You can select a care package or let them build their own with whatever items they like.

5. Continuous Development Course

Continuous Development Course.

(Source: Udemy)

Employees want to learn new skills, and not all of them are job related. You can explore the thousands of knowledge courses available on sites like Udemy and gift a course to your employees so they can improve their skills, both personal and professional.

6. Noise canceling headphones

Noise canceling headphones.

Sennheiser Momentum 4 (Source: Sennheiser)

Now that open offices are the norm and remote workers work from anywhere, creating personal space may mean wearing noise-cancelling headphones. Good, high-end ones like the Sennheiser Momentum 4 can cost hundreds of dollars, so making this purchase for your team can go a long way in supporting them. It can also help them be more productive, as our recommended brand includes great microphones for clear calls and video calls.

7. Tickets to a Local Sporting Event or Concert

If your employees are sports fans or love live music, tickets to a local sporting event or concert are the perfect way to show your appreciation. They will be able to cheer on their favorite team or enjoy their favorite music. You can add to this experience by giving them a gift card to cover a round of drinks or food.

8. Movie tickets

Fandango Movie Tickets.

(Source: Fandango)

Another popular employee gift is movie tickets. These make great gift items as the whole family can enjoy them, helping your employees bear some of the cost of an evening of entertainment.

9. Desk decoration

Pens and coasters and plant desk decorations.

(Source: Vistaprint)

Dressing up an employee’s workspace, whether in the office or at home, can add a personal touch and help make it more welcoming. Items like pens and coasters can also be branded with your company name. You could also add a plant to bring some life to the employee’s workspace.

10. Notebook Calendar

Notebook calendar.

Moleskine Classic 12 Month 2023 Weekly Planner (Source: Amazon)

A notebook calendar is another popular employee gift. Laptop calendars are practical and useful, making them a great option for those who are always on the go. You can also choose to customize these calendars.

11. Travel team

Travel equipment.

Thule RoundTrip Snowsports Duffel – 90L (Source: REI Co-op)

Some employees are always on the go, whether for work or pleasure. Giving gifts like cargo kits, personalized luggage tags, or travel bags is perfect for fueling your employees’ wanderlust.

12. Tablet or e-book reader

Tablet or electronic book reader.

Kobo Clara (Source: Kobo)

Many employees love to read in their spare time, but a tablet or eBook reader can be expensive. These items can be more expensive gifts, especially if you have larger teams. However, great gifts often have a lasting impact.

13. Bonus or Raise

Show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work by giving them a bonus or raise. This is a great way to show them that you are willing to invest in their future with the company. Be sure to calculate bonuses and taxes correctly.

14. Subscription to an Online Magazine or Service

Subscription to a Magazine or Online Service.

(Source: Newsstand)

Give your employees something they can enjoy in their spare time with a magazine subscription or online service. It can be focused on a personal or professional passion, showing that you are interested in their development and growth.

15. Caffeine Hit

Caffeine hit.

(Source: Atlas Coffee Club)

Who doesn’t want a free coffee? Whether you’re giving a small Starbucks gift card or a coffee subscription, cutting this everyday expense out of your personal budget can be a smart move.

16. Ergonomic chair

Ergonomic chair.

(Source: Furniture Branch)

For workers who spend a lot of time at their desks, ergonomic office chairs make a great gift. These don’t come cheap, so buying one for your employee, whether he’s in the office or at home, will clearly illustrate that he cares about their health and well-being; In addition, they are much more comfortable.

17. Wine decanter

wine decanter

(Source: Amazon)

Any wine connoisseur will tell you that most wines are better in a bottle. This item is a perfect holiday gift for employees who love wine. Help your employees get the most out of every sip with a cost-effective wine decanter. The more expensive versions can also be monogrammed.

18. Cup warmer

Cup warmer.

(Source: Amazon)

Here’s one for those who love their drinks piping hot. This desktop beverage warmer keeps your employee’s favorite beverage warm, yet drinkable.

19. Blanket

Blanket for gift ideas.

(Source: Nordstrom)

Whether your team works at home or in an office, many people are cold during the workday. Give them something cozy to help keep them warm. This blanket has a very luxurious feel and is machine washable.

20. Extra day off

Giving employees an extra day off is always appreciated. For example, you might consider giving away Christmas Eve as a paid holiday if it’s not already part of your company’s official holiday schedule. This gives employees one of the most valuable gifts: the opportunity to spend more time with family and friends. Just make sure you have your paid time off (PTO) policy in order.

Bottom line

Part of effective people management is making employees feel valued. During the holidays, there is no better way to do it than to express your gratitude through a gift. Regardless of what you choose, these employee holiday gifts will go a long way in making them feel appreciated for their contributions.

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