5 Key Takeaways From ‘Happy, Healthy, Rich Entrepreneurs’

Life as an entrepreneur is full of rewards. Seeing your dreams come true is the most satisfying of all.

However, it is seldom easy. Continual sacrifices, long hours at night, and increasing responsibilities are often the price entrepreneurs pay for their success.

However, balance is key and The HHW Mastermind Group knows this very well. Comprised of 13 high-achieving entrepreneurs, this group has come together to share their practical advice for real-life business success in an eye-opening new book for business leaders titled ‘Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Entrepreneurs’.

Curated by the likes of James Ker-Reid, Andrew Priestley, George Hughes, Shafiq Meghani, and Serena Sabala, readers can not only gain insight into the lessons learned on her journey, but also gain first-hand insight into what to actively avoid through individual and candid interviews. company-owned accounts.

With that said, here are five key takeaways from the book to benefit all aspiring entrepreneurs:

Don’t work too hard and forget to have a lot of fun

George Hughes is the founder of Small Films, a London-based video production company. After learning his trade from working odd hours for some of the world’s most reputable television networks, he decided to open his own business. Since then, he has learned the importance of having fun on the road.

George argues that if you don’t have fun at work, what’s the point? While he acknowledges that stressful periods and late nights are a part of life as a founder, this shouldn’t be all-consuming. Every once in a while, you need to take that long lunch break, take the gear with you for the day, and log off at 3:00 pm when the sun is shining.

Being an entrepreneur is a wasted opportunity if you’re not having fun because it’s one of the only jobs where you can take charge of your destiny and define what works for you. Running a business isn’t about being chained to a desk, she says. It is about learning, improving and becoming a better and happier human being.

Recognize the influence of relationships on the founder’s journey

As Owen Williams, co-founder and managing director of creative agency sixredsquares, points out, building relationships is key to shaping your journey as a business owner. Building his award-winning company was a shared experience with the five friends and fellow founders of his; each with their own abilities and attributes that would create the formula for growth and longevity.

While Owen acknowledges that many entrepreneurs go it alone, he expresses the importance of protecting yourself from isolation and burnout by leaning on others. In many scenarios, business owners tend to take a do-it-yourself attitude, but having the right team support is vital. This could be in the form of employees you implicitly trust, mentors who can offer unbiased advice, and even networking groups and referral partners who can introduce you to the right clients.

Fostering good relationships with people who share your values ​​and believe in what you do is paramount, as is understanding the impact of sharing the burdens when entrepreneurship feels like a lonely place.

Set up your business for growth with automation and outsourcing

When you take your first step as an entrepreneur, realizing that you are now in charge of everything can be overwhelming, as Adam Lacey, co-founder of Assemble You, a podcast-style learning company, can attest. His advice is to automate and outsource as many tasks as you can, so you can focus on high-value tasks.

Take advantage of emerging technology, with affordable monthly plans, and invest in software that can complete small but important jobs. Bill payments, reminders, emails, tasks, posting, diary management, and even customer support can be automated to some degree. The time this can give you is tremendously valuable.

Plus, outsourcing doesn’t have to come at the cost of hiring employees you can’t offer consistency in the early stages. Editing, proofreading, data entry, accounting and administration can be outsourced to ensure things keep running during busy periods. All this is key to working in your business, more than in it.

Find time for health and wellness activities

If anyone knows the benefits of prioritizing health and wellness, it’s Serena Sabala, certified nutrition consultant, yoga teacher, and fitness trainer. She runs WholeShiftWellness, which specializes in customized programs for professionals with little time.

She points out that the first step to a healthier lifestyle is to reevaluate your values. We can set them up at any time and a realignment can be life changing. Create a running list of things you want to spend time on. You will find that the ones you have already listed may have been inherited according to the expectations of others. This is crucial to putting your well-being first.

From here, choose small doable goals, made up of fun activities you’re excited to embark on. You risk falling at the first hurdle if you assign yourself intangible challenges. Micro-improvements will be easier to accomplish and much more sustainable for those with busy lifestyles. However, they will result in compounding results over time.

Remember… It’s not just about you

Ross Summer, founder of Keepers, an in-house recruiting subscription service, knows the value of hiring from the right places. He talks about how a company thrives when the focus is not just on you or your product, but also on your people.

It’s inevitable that as your business grows, you’ll need new talent to keep the momentum going. It’s crucial to think long and hard about what you need from them and how you’ll attract them in a competitive landscape. The reality is that a plan is essential for bringing new members into the team; It can be the difference between the success and failure of your business!

Create a detailed interview process and make sure each interviewer has a new set of questions for the prospective employer. Understand their motivations. What do they want from you? And why should they choose you over other offers? Once you’ve found the perfect candidate, be ready to act fast and make a solid offer. Investing in the right people to help you run your business should be a thorough and detailed process for everyone’s benefit.

These are just some points from the book ‘Happy, Healthy and Rich Entrepreneurs’. There is much to learn from The HHW Mastermind Group, who have their own success stories to tell. Find out how they got to where they are today by putting health and happiness first.

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