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Jared English, the founder and CEO of HHO Carbon Clean Systems — The Hydrogen Energy Franchise joins Enterprise Radio. They provide a hydrogen carbon cleaning service for gas or diesel engines and other hydrogen power technologies.

This episode of Enterprise Radio is associated with the Franchising Channel.

Listen host Eric Dye and guest Jared English discuss the following:

  1. What is an HHO carbon cleaning service? Can you explain the technology?
  2. I have not had a carbon cleaning service before, why do I need this now?
  3. What are the benefits my engine will see? Are there financial benefits too?
  4. Is it safe to use hydrogen energy? Is it safe for the engine?
  5. For someone looking to start their own business, can you explain the franchise opportunity? What is the investment?
  6. What is the future of HHO? Are you offering other hydrogen technologies?

jared english, Master Automotive Technician, founded A-1 Automotive in 2004 and operated A-1 Automotive for the next decade and a half with great success, until a late-night phone call in October 2018 alerted him that the shop was on fire and likely to be a complete loss. During the rebuild of the company, Jared began to seriously investigate better solutions for common service problems caused by carbon buildup plaguing the automotive industry.

The long hours of the night, the research, and the phone calls eventually led to the acquisition, testing, and experimentation with hydrogen and carbon cleanup equipment. HHO Carbon Clean Systems was founded in June 2020 in the face of growing demand and unprecedented profit margins. With minimal overhead (a liter of water, a pint of gasoline, and a half hour of labor per service), HHO maintains gross profit margins of 80% or more. This has made it possible to have the necessary resources to quickly expand individual operations, as well as the financing for the HHO’s foray into franchises.

HHO has already launched 6 franchises, with projections to exceed 15 by the end of the first year.

Websites: https://www.hhocarboncleansystems.com | https://hhocarboncleanfranchise.com

Ssocial media links:
Facebook: https://facebook.com/HHOCarbonCleanSystems

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