Agent says Coterie Insurance is the easiest small business insurance

Agent Julio Castro has run his own agency, Castro Property & Commercial Insurance Agency, in West Sacramento, CA for 17 years. As an experienced agent with a diverse client base, Julio is always looking for innovative tools to help better serve clients with the easiest small business insurance experience out there.

Julio first came to Coterie through his affiliation with First Connect, an insurtech platform that offers diverse market access for independent agents. As a partnership-focused company, Coterie has several partnerships with insurance platforms like First Connect, giving agents like Julio access to multiple markets. In this case, Julio was able to easily access Coterie through First Connect.*

“Coterie is the future of insurance, it’s faster than anything else,” Julio said. “When the industry fits, using Coterie is unbeatable.”

Since the launch of the SimplyBind Experience, which uses two pieces of information to rate, price and bind in minutes, Julio has been using Coterie whenever he can. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 for you, which is why Coterie designed the experience to quote and link based on company name and address.

“We don’t have to see 10 screens of things and then not know if the customer’s business will be covered or not,” he added. “The ease of doing business with Coterie is the best.”

In addition to being the easiest small business insurance provider for Julio, the team welcomes your suggestions to further improve the process. He suggested project-based policies and increased functionality. The team is taking your feedback very seriously as we strive to make our experience the best it can be for our agents and brokers.

Julio also recently had his first claims experience with Coterie Insurance. His client experienced a loss, reported the claim, and recovered in a very short time. Julio found that the team communicated and resolved the claim quickly, increasing his confidence in placing his small business clients with Coterie.

For agents who are hesitant to try Coterie, Julio suggests they take time out of their day, price a risk themselves, and experience the easy process. He really believes it works, agents just have to learn it, have faith in it, figure out the hot spots and go after them.

After all, he says, “Take it from someone who does business with Coterie and has been through the claims process and Coterie was there to fix it. Find out the hot spots and go after them. I wish I could sell more and I am hoping that you will open up more with your appetite.”

Contact Coterie Insurance to start signing up for the easiest small business insurance on the market today.

* If you are an agent who is currently affiliated with First Connect, you can access Coterie through them. Also, if you are a member of an insurance platform and want to start subscribing with Coterie, we recommend that you check if you already have access to Coterie through another platform.

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