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TE Connectivity develops highly engineered electrical, data and sensing solutions that power electric vehicles, aircraft, digital factories and smart homes. By partnering with its customers, TE products and services help make a more connected world possible. TE is looking for applications for its Startup Challenge “Power Up with E-mobility” to find innovative solutions and also help them scale.

In this context, TE invites startups, small businesses, university research teams and spin-offs from around the world to work on the next generation of connectivity and sensor technologies to apply and scale their electric mobility solution. From the beginning, TE Connectivity has been one of the leading players in the electrification of mobility, working with nearly every automotive OEM and Tier 1 supplier worldwide.

Why join TE’s “Power Up with E-mobility” challenge?

Six finalists will be invited to an exclusive internal launch event where they will have the opportunity to interact with TE experts in engineering, product management leadership, and small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). In addition to the cash prize, TE offers the following benefits to the six finalists:

  • cash prize: USD 30,000 to a final winner, without actions and without conditions.
  • expert exposure: The six finalists will be able to interact closely with TE’s senior leaders from its business, engineering, strategy and M&A teams.
  • Collaboration and network: TE will host an intimate two-day collaboration session with TE Engineering for the six finalists.
  • expert access: Get access to TE experts, products, tools, data and customers, as well as the requirements of the automotive and transportation industry.
  • worldwide advertising: A public press announcement of the six finalists and the winner through TE’s communication channels.
  • Potential pilot project: Finally, TE may provide the six finalists with the opportunity to collaborate on a Proof of Concept (PoC) or Pilot Project.

Find out what’s next for electric mobility at TE Connectivity

Qiong Son, Global Vice President of TE Electric Mobility Business

We speak with Qiong Son, Global Vice President of TE’s Automotive Electric Mobility business, where she oversees the product portfolio, technology strategy and future solutions for Automotive Electric Mobility. Read on to find out what’s next for the future of TE electric mobility.

In your opinion, what makes the future of electric mobility so exciting?

Electric vehicles are no longer a niche option for early adopters: they are the future of mobility. Electric vehicles are already one of the fastest growing segments in the automotive market, with global sales set to double by 2021. That rapid growth rate is likely to continue as governments and automakers set ambitious targets for that electric vehicles represent 40%, 50% or more. even 100% of new car sales in the next 10 to 15 years.

TE Connectivity has spent more than two decades collaborating with automakers to create electrical components specially tailored to the demands of the evolving EV market. While each manufacturer’s EV designs are unique, we’ve developed an approach that allows us to deliver custom EV solutions where needed.while continuing to pursue industry-wide goals for higher performance and lower costs to help the electric vehicle market reach its full potential.

One of the significant challenges preventing further adoption of electric mobility solutions is the charging capabilities of electric vehicles. How does TE approach this challenge?

The challenge for electric vehicle designers is to ensure that their vehicles can handle the challenges of ultra-fast charging. Every component, from the charging input to the battery connectors, wiring and contactors, must be designed to handle the higher temperatures that come with high-voltage fast charging.

TE engineers have released a high performance charging inlet capable of carrying 350 kilowatts of electricity at 500 amps. We are now working on an ultra-high-power DC charging input capable of delivering 640 kilowatts of power, which will charge a battery for a 200-mile drive in about 10 minutes.

For example, the new TE of HOT The surface coating technology for EV charging inlets uses an innovative combination of silver and graphite, providing strong electrical conductivity performance with the lubrication of its embedded graphite particles. This state-of-the-art contact lining provides superior abrasion resistance and offers continuous high-performance loading throughout the life of the vehicle.

And what is more, HOT was recently recognized as a finalist for Automotive News’ 2022 PACE Innovation Award. I was delighted to accept our plaque of recognition on behalf of TE Connectivity and all of our engineers.

Moving on to charging and charging infrastructure, energy storage, particularly batteries, is still struggling to perform and last at the level of consumer expectations. What does TE have in mind to overcome this bottleneck?

Battery life depends on various subsystems and components within the vehicle. To support longer life, a battery must be safely switched on and off during normal vehicle operating modes and protected from abnormal conditions that can damage it.

TE’s high voltage contactors are an essential part of this safety system, providing a way to switch between batteries or shut down the battery entirely in the event of a short circuit or excessive current load. Additionally, combining these contactors with low-resistance terminations to prevent power loss and a battery management system to prevent the battery pack from overheating can help keep batteries running for the life of the vehicle.

Finally, what are TE’s main priorities and/or focus areas to strengthen and build the future of electric mobility?

As EV manufacturers race to develop more powerful and efficient vehicles, they must remain focused on another important consideration for EV drivers: environmental sustainability. TE is playing its part in this effort with innovations like our silvergreen contact surface technology for high voltage EV connectors.

By selectively applying silver to limited areas of the connection surface, silvergreen It uses less precious metal than traditional connectors, while offering the same electrical performance and improved vibration and heat tolerance needed for EV powertrains. In addition, the patented non-galvanic dry coating process uses no hazardous materials and achieves a 35% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 99% reduction in fresh water consumption during production.

TE is committed to helping manufacturers deliver the advances in performance, efficiency and reliability needed to bring the era of the electric vehicle to life.

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