Offshore company linked to Baroness Mone bought £7.5m private jet after allegedly making tens of millions on PPE contract

An offshore company linked to Michelle Mone and her husband bought a £7.5m private jet months after they allegedly made tens of millions from a public PPE contract, it was claimed last night. The conservative lingerie and peer mogul, nicknamed ‘Baroness Bra’, vowed to clear her name after a newspaper reported that leaked documents showed … Read more

Digital Ads: Evolution and Revolution

Today, digital ads are everywhere. But just two decades ago, they were rare and not that easy to customize. The digital advertising market is segmented by platform into mobile ads (in-app and mobile web), desktop ads, digital TV, and other platforms. According to Statesmanan estimated $566 billion will be spent on digital ads worldwide in … Read more

Comparison Bookkeeper360 vs 2023

Bookkeeper360 and are virtual accounting services that allow you to outsource your bookkeeping and other financial tasks, combining the automation of accounting software with the support of an accounting professional. Bookkeeper360 is ideal for new and growing businesses using Xero, while is better for businesses that want to manage their own QuickBooks Online … Read more

Massey Casper, Housing Authority Executive

Massey Casper is a veteran professional in the American affordable housing industry. He has an MBA from Johnson and Wales University of Rhode Island, as well as certifications from the Project Management Institute, the Massachusetts National Association of Member Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO), the National Apartment Association, and NeighborWorks America. Massey Casper’s extensive career … Read more