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Alcohol abuse is widespread in the United States and does not discriminate based on age or gender. According to a survey by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, approximately 85.6% of Americans age 18 and older reported having drunk alcohol at some point in their lives. Of the 85.6% who had tried alcohol at some point in their lives, 25.8% reported having drunk excessively in the last month. Those who drink twice the standard level of binge drinking are 70 times more likely to have an alcohol-related emergency. On the other hand, people who drink three times the normal level of binge drinking are 93 times more likely to have an alcohol-related medical emergency.

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Those struggling with alcoholism should embark on the path to alcohol sobriety, which means receiving treatment at a luxury alcohol rehab center.

Beginning the road to alcohol sobriety

Most alcoholics’ path to alcohol sobriety begins at a holistic or medicinal detox center. In detoxification, recovering addicts remove all traces of alcohol and other substances from their system. The detoxification process helps stabilize their bodies, ensuring that they are in the healthy mental and physical state needed to begin the next stages of treatment. Detox centers aim to reduce the withdrawal side effects one often experiences after quitting drugs or alcohol. United Recovery Project’s Professional Detox seeks to minimize withdrawal symptoms as guests begin to eliminate toxins from their system under 24/7 care.

After completing a detoxification program, recovering addicts continue their journey in residential treatment, partial hospitalization, or intensive outpatient program depending on their individual needs. Alcohol addiction treatment programs offer a wide range of therapy options, including equine, music, and art therapy. Individuals participating in alcohol addiction treatment will work with a licensed counselor or therapist to create a strategic plan to help them overcome their addiction. During therapy, recovering addicts learn healthy coping mechanisms to maintain sobriety and control their emotions.

Why choose a luxury alcohol rehab center?

Alcohol rehab is the perfect opportunity to give yourself a little TLC (tender love and care). After all, you have decided to get sober by taking care of yourself. Choosing a program with luxury services, like the United Recovery Project, is the most effective way to curb your drinking habit. At the same time, you are moving towards a better version of yourself.

United Recovery Project’s luxurious alcohol rehab center sits on a lush property with a sparkling pool, expansive outdoor space, and a sand volleyball court. Guests can enjoy the property’s ensuite kitchens, spacious bedrooms, and ultra-comfortable Tempurpedic mattresses. Recovering addicts feel right at home at United Recovery Project treatment properties, and there is nothing more important than feeling comfortable and welcome while completing alcohol addiction treatment.

Luxury Alcohol Rehab at United Recovery Project

United Recovery Project offers luxury alcohol rehab tailored to your individual needs. Guests can choose from a wide range of substance abuse treatment programs based on their personal needs, including partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs. Contact us today to learn about our full spectrum of personalized alcohol addiction care and treatment.

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