Disney World tickets are about to get more expensive: Prices will now be park-specific

Everything is getting more expensive, including Walt Disney World in Orlando.

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Disney World.

Today, Disney announced that starting December 8, ticket prices will increase depending on which park you visit. Annual pass prices will also be higher, according to USA Today.

What does this mean for visitors? If you want to ride Space Mountain or take a picture with Mickey Mouse, you will have to pay more.

“Magic Kingdom Park will be priced at or above our other theme parks due to incredible demand as it continues to be the most visited theme park in the world,” Disney said in a statement.

The announcement marks the latest price increases related to the various Disney properties. In early October, prices rose at Disneyland and California Adventure, much to the anger of fans online. The resort also made it more expensive to eat at its iconic Victoria & Albert’s restaurant at Disney World.

And it’s not just ticket prices that are skyrocketing. Disney has reportedly been increasing costs across the board, from hotel stays to food. Two customers even filed a class action lawsuit over changes made to previously purchased annual passes after the pandemic.

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How the new price works

Starting December 8, each of the Disney World theme parks will have a different price range. The lowest cost for all four parks is $109, but those numbers go up based on demand and time of year.

These are the new price ranges:

  • Animal Kingdom, from $109 to $159
  • EPCOT, from $114 to $179
  • Hollywood studios, from $124 to $179
  • Magic Kingdom, from $124 to $189

A few other changes: People who buy “one park, one day” passes will need to make a reservation at the same time.

Jumping into the park will also be more expensive at both levels and will vary by date, according to CBS. You still can’t buy new annual passes, which previously had perks like no blackout dates (sales have been frozen since November). But expect prices to go up once Disney starts selling them again.

  • Incredi-Pass will cost $1,399, up from $1,299
  • Sorcerer will cost $969, up from $899
  • Pirate will cost $749, up from $699

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