Domino’s worker in Australia helps abandoned boy at birthday party

Having no one present at your birthday party is a harrowing experience, but it can be made better with a little cake.

That was the philosophy of a Domino’s worker who is going viral for helping a boy coping with loneliness on his special day, according to Fox 5 Atlanta.

In October, the mother of a girl had called the restaurant in Queensland, Australia, about an order previously placed for a large group of people that would not be necessary.

“When she got to the store to pick up the pizza, the shift supervisor, Miles, surprised her with a custom chocolate dessert pizza topped with churros and brownies.” she wrote the company’s Australia page in a Facebook post about the event.

“Thank you Miles for going the extra ‘mile’ to help turn this customer’s day around,” the company added.

Domino’s has around 700 stores in Australia according to a press release from March 2020, when it also announced that it would open its 17,000th store globally in the country. The company has more than 5,000 stores in the US.

Last month, the company’s earnings were better than expected, with same-store sales up 2%.

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