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With the rise of remote work, so have virtual meetings. Technology has allowed teams to connect from all over the world using video and other virtual meeting tools. Virtual meetings are an increasingly popular way to do business, but they do come with their challenges. One of the biggest challenges is how to improve attendee engagement. It’s important to have a goal with the meeting and multiple ways for attendees to participate.

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Here are eight ways you can improve your meetings and make them more effective:

Evaluate the purpose of your meetings

Have you heard the phrase “that could have been an email” when referring to meetings? Good is true. Many meetings can be emails or even e-courses to disseminate information or train staff. But some companies are stuck in the meetup culture and when the company moves to a remote model they can’t shake their old ways. Begin by assessing the purpose of the meeting. Why is it necessary for everyone to come together? Who will be speaking? Is it interactive? Once you know the purpose, you can decide if a meeting is appropriate. If it can be said in an email, say it in an email. If it’s a workout, create a video and let everyone do it on their own. But if it’s really interactive, call a virtual meeting.

build community

When you’re working in a virtual environment, your team can’t gather around a whiteboard or brainstorm ideas on the spot. You have to be intentional about building a community and making sure that everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas. To do this, create a safe space where people feel comfortable giving feedback on each other’s work, asking questions, and getting answers quickly.

Encourage active participation

Encourage active participation and involvement of all attendees. To foster a collaborative environment, it is important to allow all attendees to actively participate and be involved. To do this effectively, consider using audience response tools that allow you to probe your audience throughout the meeting. You can also use polls and Q&A sessions embedded in each presentation slide for more engagement during presentations. Be sure to follow up on important questions that were asked during the meeting.

use video

Video is a great way to get everyone involved in the meeting. It can be used for presentations, demos, and question and answer sessions. Video is also a great way to share content that isn’t available in print formats, such as video recordings of your company’s products or services. Whenever possible, be sure to use video for meetings.

Use good speakers

One of the most effective ways to improve participation in virtual meetings is to have a credible and engaging speaker during at least part of the meeting. This person can motivate the audience and keep them informed about what’s going on and generally engaged with your company. He doesn’t want to choose the person who is unattractive and puts everyone to sleep or the person who doesn’t understand what he is presenting.

Use simple technology

there is a meeting user friendly platforms, and then there are those platforms that are not. If you want to improve engagement, use a simple and easy-to-use platform to host the meeting. If you are hosting your virtual meeting, choose a platform that is easy to use and share. You can avoid confusion by using a platform that is already familiar to all attendees. Another benefit of using an existing platform is that it will be easier for participants to find the meeting on their calendars. It should also allow users to easily share files so that everyone has the meeting information.

don’t invite everyone

Not everyone needs a seat at the table. Make sure the right people are there. These are the ones who have something to contribute to the conversation and can make good decisions. have your remote employees Prepare for the meeting by reading about relevant topics and/or sharing your findings with your colleagues. This will help them feel more confident in their ability to add value during the meeting, which means they’re more likely to engage with what’s going on, rather than feeling like an outsider looking in.

Fortune is in the Follow Up

Provide post-session follow-up and action items to maintain engagement and momentum after participants leave the virtual meeting space. Use your business tools or communication tools like Slack to keep the conversation going.

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