Emotion-based selling is the future: Instoried founder Sharmin Ali

Customer decisions and buying patterns are driven by emotions, not logic. So appeal to the desires of your consumers, rather than just selling numbers and data, because emotion-based selling is the future. Sharmin Ali, founder and CEO of storiedan artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform that helps people write better content, he told the audience at TechSparks 2022.

speaking to your history Varnika Gupta on the topic of “Hacking Content Growth: AI and Empathy” on the second day of TechSparks 2022, India’s leading tech start-up conference, Sharmin explained how Instoried’s in-house built platform was designed to help analyze the emotional engagement quotient of a brand’s content through a fixed set of metrics.

“Our biggest USP is that we essentially understand why empathy is so important to any content marketer, and we make sure that they can empathize with their audience’s requirements with what they really need,” said Sharmin.

Sharmin Ali

When asked if there was ever too much technology, he replied: “Every second or third client of mine has asked me, are you going to replace my copywriter? But I don’t think AI can fully take over the human experience, not just in content, but in many other categories as well.”

An actress, entrepreneur and motivational speaker who is also the author of two books: ‘YOU’ and ‘How I Was Forced To Become A Hardcore RACIST’, Sharmin has traveled to around 47 countries to figure out what she wanted to do next before launching Instoried. . in March 2019.

“No matter how good you are at what you do, unless the time is right, things don’t add up.”

On her journey of founding a deep tech company and being taken seriously as a woman in tech, Sharmin said, “As long as you know what you’re talking about, as long as you’re doing the right thing, people will.” it takes time, but eventually, they understand that you know what you’re doing. And I have given 12x or 15x outs to my initial investors, so they take me very seriously.”

Giving due credit to his co-founder, Sutanshu Raj, who is also the company’s CTO (chief technology officer), Sharmin said it’s important to choose the right equipment: “And if you know what’s in your brain, and if you can convey it to Well, it may take some time, but you’ll get there.”