Evri apologizes for package delays before Christmas

If you’ve been waiting a long time for an online order to arrive, you’re not alone.

Companies like ASOS, H&M and JD Sports have received hundreds of tweets asking, “Where’s my stuff?”

Much anger appears to be directed at the Evri courier service, with some complaining about packages stuck in depots for a week or more.

It says it is delivering more than 3 million packages daily and working to get the items to people before Christmas.

But quite a few customers say they haven’t been among the lucky ones and have faced “unacceptable” waits for items.

A common complaint is that Evri’s tracking tool says your order is late, followed by no further updates for days.

Others have complained about paying for overnight delivery and not receiving it.

And some say their items have been marked lost after disappearing, only for their replacements to suffer a similar fate.

‘Incredibly frustrating’

Lucy Hall, 29, from south London, says her parcel containing her dad’s Christmas present has been stuck outside a warehouse for the last week and a half.

He placed the order on November 23.

“I knew Black Friday was coming up so I might be a little later,” he says. “I got a confirmation email right away from the seller, so I thought all was well.

“Then two days later I saw a message that Evri had the package, so I knew it wasn’t going to work out.”

Lucy would like sellers to state which courier they work with, and says she would avoid buying from those who use Evri in future online purchases.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever get this package,” he says. “I have not been able to speak to a real human being just to explain what happened.

“Now I’m thinking: will I lose money if I have to buy it twice or should I wait and risk my dad not getting a Christmas present?

“It’s incredibly frustrating and it’s extra stress that I don’t need.”

What does Evry say?

Evri, who used to be known as Hermes, said he “was sorry that customers in certain local areas were experiencing brief delays in receiving their packages.”

He said the delivery sector was experiencing above-normal demand “driven in part by the Royal Mail strikes.”

Couriers from companies like Evri have not gone on strike, but more vendors are believed to be using them as the postal action continues.

Evri also says he’s experiencing “last-mile understaffing” (lack of drivers) in some areas.

Customers have complained that Evri’s online help service is useless and that it is extremely difficult to communicate with staff by phone or email.

Evri says that customers with concerns about a delivery should contact the seller first.

The company adds that its local teams “are working hard to ensure delayed packages arrive before Christmas.”

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