Get a robot dog while it’s on sale

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Entrepreneurship is hard work, but you can’t reach the peak of your success without giving yourself a chance to relax from time to time. This is why having a hobby is so valuable to entrepreneurs.


The best hobbies are the ones that use your mind, and this November you can start a robotics hobby at a deep discount. That’s because every day is Black Friday, and we’re offering Petoi Bittle for 21 percent off list price while supplies last.

Bittle is a palm-sized, open-source bionic robot dog in the vein of Boston Dynamics’ famous Spot. (Only much cheaper). Successfully funded on Kickstarter, Bittle comes with a starter kit to help you put the puzzle-like framework together and download demo codes on GitHub. Plus, the STEM & Robotics Kit will teach you how to code to customize your pet and bring it to life by walking, dancing, performing tricks, and more. The four-leg movement gives you more freedom to navigate unstructured environments, while wireless control also lets you take matters into your own hands via Bluetooth.

Bittle’s open platform allows you to merge devices from multiple manufacturers into a single organic system using a custom Arduino board. You can also mount a Raspberry Pi or other AI chips via wired or wireless connections to give Bittle even more capabilities and expand his programming skills. The highly programmable robot uses Scratch, C++, or Python coding and is based on OpenCat, an open source project for quadrupedal robots. The included lithium-ion battery pack lasts for about an hour of continuous hiking before needing a recharge.

Take up a futuristic new hobby as Every Day is Black Friday. While supplies last, you can get the Petoi Bittle for 21 percent off from $329 to just $259. That’s the best price you’ll find anywhere. You can also upgrade to a pre-assembled kit for $269.

Prices subject to change.

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