Get Microsoft Office Professional at an unbeatable price

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If you were to survey 1,000 random job seekers, you’d probably find that Microsoft Office is listed as a skill on more than 80 percent of their resumes. This is because Microsoft Office has become such a ubiquitous tool in business that virtually everyone knows how to use it in some way. (Or they pretend they do on their resume because it’s critical to know.)


But as an entrepreneur, you make your own rules and use your own tools. As it happens, Microsoft Office is one of the most powerful assets an entrepreneur can have in their tool belt. Unfortunately, it’s also expensive and you have to add it to your monthly expenses.

Unless, of course, you don’t. We’re offering lifetime subscriptions to Microsoft Office 2021 Professional for Mac and Windows at almost 90 percent off right now. No more subscription fees – just pay once and you get the full suite instantly and ready to download.

The Mac edition includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and OneNote—all the essentials you need to power your business. From processing documents and data in Word and Excel to streamlining communication with Outlook and Teams, Microsoft Office is the perfect kit to improve the way you work.

The Windows version offers even more. In addition to those six programs, you’ll also get Publisher and Access to help you create beautiful digital catalogs and manage entire databases. Also, the Windows version is updated with a single ribbon interface that allows you to easily access all your tools and customizations across all programs in a single bar. That makes those complicated projects where you’re jumping between multiple programs easier than ever.

Don’t settle for less, get the best on offer. Right now, you can get a lifetime license for Microsoft Office 2021 Professional for Mac or Windows at 88 percent off from $349 to just $39.99.

Prices subject to change.

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