Guess you can now (officially) use your fancy Canon camera as a webcam studio • TechCrunch

When the pandemic crashed onto our shores a couple of years ago, many of us were chased inside, condemned to endless Zoom meetings. At the time, Canon released a beta version of its EOS Webcam Utility and then seemed to forget about it. Until today. In a ‘Gee, Canon, this would have been useful two years ago’ move, the company has released EOS Webcam Utility Pro software, so it can finally appear in crisp high definition with Canon’s blessing.

Canon claims that ‘millions of users’ have already been using the EOS Webcam Utility for streaming and meetings, and their ‘pro’ installation of the software allows you to give the company money (yes!) and ‘unlock exclusive features that take video communication and customization capabilities to the next level.’

Forgive the sarcasm; Canon’s EOS cameras are legitimate high-end, high-quality products, and their lens lineup continues to be world-class, so if you really want to highlight every pore and stray lash, Canon has your front.

The subscription version of the software will cost you $4.99 per month or $50 per year. It allows you to connect multiple cameras, unlock wireless connectivity, and provide more control over the camera and content. It boosts the available frame rate to 60fps and can send video streams to multiple channels at once, like YouTube, Facebook Live, and others. The new software also includes layout options, watermarks, scene transitions, and other things.

Now, if those things were important to you, you’ve probably already discovered free OBS software and a host of other paid solutions that have various degrees of sophistication and feature sets. But you know. Canyon.

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