Heinz’s signature tomato ketchup skyrockets in price by 53 percent as millions switch to supermarket ‘own brand’ as cost-of-living crisis bites

Prices of many big-brand foods have skyrocketed in the past two years, and a major product has doubled in cost, a study has found.

Millions of shoppers have switched to supermarkets’ ‘own brand’ food and budget chain products due to rising prices.

Research looking at average prices at major stores found that the price of Heinz Tomato Ketchup increased by 53 percent. The 460g ‘squeezy’ version of the ketchup is currently £2.80 at Tesco, but prices vary between retailers.

Meanwhile, Dolmio Lasagne Sauce (470g) shot up 47%, but the increase at one retailer was a staggering 107%. The study of major brands by consumer group Which one? found that Heinz Classic Cream of Chicken Soup (400g) increased by an average of 46 percent.

Student staple Batchelors Super Noodles BBQ Beef Flavor (90g) increased by 43 per cent, while Hovis Granary Wholemeal Bread (800g) increased by the same figure.

Among butters, Anchor Spreadable (500g) was up 45% and Lurpak Spreadable (500g) soared 35%.

The price of a pack of 100 Twinings Everyday tea bags increased by 17% on average, but the figure at one retailer was 64%.

Which? Food policy chief Sue Davies said: “Our research shows the shocking rate of inflation in some of the nation’s favorite branded foods, which is much higher than the national average.”

He added that the trend “highlights why it is so important for retailers to offer people a variety of product ranges.”

She stressed: ‘Supermarkets need to ensure that budget lines for healthy and affordable essentials are widely available in their stores.

Promotions must be targeted to those most in need and people must be supported so that they can easily compare the price of products and get the best value.’

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