Here’s what you can expect from the Mother-Verse track at TechSparks 2022

TechSparks 2022, YourStory’s flagship and India’s largest startup tech event, is now offline, bringing you some of the biggest names in the startup and tech industries. With 10 main sector tracks and more than 15 special focus tracks, there’s something for everyone at TechSparks 2022 this weekend.

One of those clues is Mother Verse – a shared learning space for working mothers, by working mothers.

Entrepreneurial moms and working moms in any capacity are always subject to sexist stigma that makes it impossible for them to experience motherhood, family responsibilities and entrepreneurship together. They are often asked to choose or compromise between these supposedly different roles, which is not only an archaic concept, but also demeaning and disrespectful.

“Why choose at all?” Just ask the many women leaders and working moms, who are breaking the mold and unapologetically living their best lives navigating (and thriving in) these roles.

Follow the Mother-Verse track in TechSparks 2022 Day 3 to learn how they do it and how you can too.

Here are key sessions you’ll want to follow:

Growing up at work requires maximum dedication and focus, but also the support of all stakeholders. Sangeetha ShettyGlobal Head of HR at Ascendion discusses how women can balance work and family commitments in her keynote address’Moms at work: growing up without compromise‘.

You’ll also learn how to succeed as a mom and founder in a fireside chat with sreysha georgeMD and Partner, Boston Consulting Group moderated by beverly kim whitemain presenter, YourStory.

How do you manage a full-time job and motherhood, doing justice to both jobs?

Discover tips and learnings from the journeys of leading women entrepreneurs Prajna MohantiDirector of Human Resources, Ascendion; Manjiri Bakrefounder and CEO of OncoStem Diagnostics; Shoma Narayanan, Managing Director – Group Strategic Marketing and Communications at DBS India; Y Sangeeta ShettyGlobal Head of HR at Ascendion in a panel discussion moderated by Lathika PaiCountry Head, Microsoft.

Many companies often preach one thing and practice another. This is especially true of working mothers. What are companies doing to put their money where their mouth is? Or rather, what should they be doing? follow as Prakash BalasubramanyanExecutive Vice President of Ascendion, discusses how and why we must build truly inclusive workplaces that support working mothers in their professional development.

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