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There has been a far-reaching and evolving change in the way businesses now operate compared to the good old days, transforming the way businesses interact with their customers. For example, today, customers can research their purchases, learn about other brands with similar products, and purchase the products from the comfort of their beds.

As the famous saying goes, “there is always room for improvement”, truly, this digital transformation has improved a lot and now has the power to influence both sides i.e. customers and business.

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What is digital transformation?

It simply refers to the use of new age digital technology to interact with customers and meet their preferences, needs and expectations.

In the era of digital transformation and inclusion, there is a drastic increase in digital transactions, conversations, and business being conducted online. No company can ignore the role of digital technology, regardless of the industry. Therefore, all businesses must have new technologies ready to stay relevant in an ever-evolving customer experience landscape.

Here are the top ways digital transformation is elevating the customer experience:

1. Customers now prefer more online interactions

Digital interactions simplify your communications with your customers 24 hours a day, and that too on the platform customers want. All businesses need to understand that they need a digital-first approach in their business to reach new customers. Also, there has been a sharp increase in online shopping, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. Connecting and being available on digital channels is the key to attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

According to a Ringcentral report, 91% of online users said they would use a knowledge base if available and tailored to your needs

2. Customers expect quick resolutions

Customers today want everything instantly; they do not want to stay in queues for a long time to solve their doubts. Therefore, businesses with short-term responses are the most favored among customers. Time is money, and valuing customers’ time is the best way to retain them. So, never keep a customer waiting if you prioritize providing superior customer experiences.

3. Customers expect omnichannel experiences.

The worst thing for customers today is making them wait a long time and providing inconsistent and difficult experiences across all channels. On the other hand, companies with higher omnichannel customer experiences have three times the customer retention rate compared to the average retention rate of most companies. Therefore, delivering consistent experiences across all touch points is crucial to building a strong brand identity and retaining customers.

4. Customers prefer mobile-initiated messaging and exchanges.

Customers prefer to voice their concerns on mobile-friendly social media platforms like Meta (formerly Facebook), Instagram, and others. Even business related communications are happening through the aforementioned digital transformative platforms. It could be the best way to get the best out of your customer relationship. The easier it is for your customers to communicate with customer support, the more money you will earn.

How does digital transformation drive the customer-centric experience?

In addition to knowing current trends, it’s vital to understand the critical role of digital transformation in shaping the customer experience. Most of the digital tools, such as e-commerce shopping, personalization, and the most innovative channels to engage with your customers, work to your satisfaction.

Customer experience-based companies have almost double the customer satisfaction rates and order value compared to their competitors.

Additionally, companies that focus more on the customer experience tend to generate more customers over time and higher customer satisfaction ratings, which ultimately drives more revenue.

Including more advanced technology has the added benefit of gaining more leads. This is just the beginning of the technology, and the potential is immense in the future. The digital experience and the customer experience are interrelated with each other.

How has Covid19 accelerated digital transformation?

With the global Covid pandemic imposing a stricter lockdown and closing most physical stores and offices, there has been an urgent rise and need for digital transformation. Additionally, the lockdown has opened the door to more exciting and innovative ways to attract customers to your products and services. The pandemic paved the way for further digitization and since then there has been no going back, making it essential for businesses to boost digital customer experiences.


Customers are increasingly switching to online modes of transactions, purchases and conversations. With digital customer experiences promising instant responses, customers expect brands to provide relevant solutions and engage with them effectively. This makes it crucial to identify current challenges in CX strategy and reshape them to meet the changing needs of digital-first customers.

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