How to Build Mental Resilience for Greater Success

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Emotional proactivity, or emotional intelligence, is for me a fundamental part of success, but about which few are given to talk. We preach proactivity in seemingly every facet of our lives and lifestyles (work, exercise, planning for the future, etc.), but too often we neglect to establish a solid emotional foundation, one on which most depend and build. of the other facets of proactivity.

I recently had the opportunity to explore various aspects and benefits of emotional proactivity with a good friend, Brendon Burchard. He is one of the world’s foremost life and business coaches, a best-selling author, and an all-around great guy. Among the most compelling thoughts he shared with me is that when his clients understand, apply, and master this trait, his lives are profoundly changed. His observations, I recognized, would be useful to any budding entrepreneur, those in management or leadership roles, those ready to elevate their personal level, or anyone who struggles with emotional consistency.

What is emotional intelligence?

Loosely speaking, this term refers to how we want to feel, and then we make conscious choices that help us feel that way continually, in the process of realizing that we are bigger than our circumstances… bigger than any situation. Dadaist.

Burchard defines it this way:

Emotions are fleeting. The feelings are then left behind by our mind’s interpretation of those emotions. When feeling patterns increase, a mood is created, which creates more emotions. These start to stay with us for longer periods of time, becoming our view of ourselves. Without proper emotional intelligence, this perception of self can go awry, and quickly, damaging who we see ourselves as and who we become.”

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It all starts with “VIBES”

Don’t run away yet… I’m not referring to “vibes” in the Gen Z sense. Instead, I’m using the word as an acronym, created by Burchard and describing a step-by-step guide to developing emotional intelligence.


I – Insight and Interpretation

B – Bring the energy

E – Energy management

S – Service to others

Vision it begins when we define how we want to feel as we intentionally move forward in our lives,” explains Burchard. “Setting this vision is more than saying, ‘I want to be happy’; it is a close inspection of what kind of feelings we want to bring to each day. insight and interpretation allow us to proactively inspect what is happening. They allow us to separate how we feel from what is happening. bring the energy speaks for itself: how we choose to apply personal energy every day. Energy management, Meanwhile, allows us to monitor and manage the outputs and inputs, and service to others brings positive feelings, energizes us and instills perspective in our lives.”

Each piece of the acronym is cyclical and builds on itself. As your ability to implement these practices improves, you will see greater mental resilience.

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Who does not want to be mentally stronger, and who does not want that strength to be maintained day by day, year by year and decade by decade, regardless of the difficulties or inconveniences of the situation? These characteristics are only part of the reward of improved emotional intelligence. Again, in Burchard’s words:

“My clients now see themselves in a different light. They are not put off by other people’s actions. They realize that circumstances, negative or positive, are not a direct result of who they are as a person. They have an intention about their emotional state, and allows them incredible autonomy and clarity in any given situation.

Another benefit, he added, is that CEOs will have a greater ability to make decisions in difficult times while being innovative and creative, even when circumstances are stressful and tense. And, above all, general happiness is enhanced, as well as energy and positivity, no matter what is happening in their lives.

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