How to Earn $90 in 3 Minutes in New York With This Green Hustle

If you’re a do-gooder looking for some extra cash, this side hustle might be right for you.

According to a now-viral TikTok shared by financial advice content creator @doobzee.eth, people can get paid to report on idle trucks in New York City.

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The council takes advantage of the Citizens Air Complaint Program, which the New York City Department of Environmental Protection launched in 2019 to combat smog and provide financial incentives to New Yorkers who report emissions violations, according to CNBC.

As explained in the video, which has been viewed 1.3 million times, people can get paid if they upload a clip of a truck idling for more than three minutes, which could warrant a $350 fine for violators. for the first time, according to the Idle Complaint. System website.

Then, once the ticket is paid for, the snitch receives 25% of the cost, or $87.50 for the $350 ticket.

Although the account claims you can make thousands calling running movers (one man claimed he made $64,000 from his gossip), they warn that truckers could strike if they see a video reporter.

In the comments, people echoed similar concerns.

“I literally saw a fight break out between a driver and someone recording yesterday,” one person commented.

Others highlighted the truckers’ perspective: “How are workers supposed to make deliveries if there is never any legal parking space?” added one person, while another said: “I drive a commercial vehicle in the city and have had a couple. It’s cold and I get stuck in the truck so I’m idle.”

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