How to find a voice transcription consultant

A voice transcription consultant is a person who listens to audio/video content and converts it to text.

Sectors such as law, politics, academia, research, journalism, and marketing hire voice transcriptionists. As the demand for transcription services increases, more people are joining the profession. However, not all transcriptionists suit all projects and can deliver error-free transcriptions. This could make it difficult for companies and individuals looking to hire talented transcriptionists.

Factors to consider when hiring a voice transcriptionist

Whether you want to transcribe an academic talk or a speech delivered by your local representative, hiring a professional transcriptionist is a good idea. With so many freelance transcriptionists and transcription service companies out there, it can seem impossible to choose the best one. Here are seven points to consider when looking for the best voice transcription consultant for your needs.

Response time

It may be essential to find out how long it will take a transcriptionist to work on your files. Some transcription consultants will take too long and therefore inconvenience you.

It is also crucial to establish whether your services can be accessed on holidays or weekends (if that is important to you). Also, you need to determine if you can track the progress of your files and if the consultant’s system will allow you to mark a project as urgent.

Level precision

Some fields require zero errors for transcripts. Transcription errors can change the meaning of the message, which can have adverse effects. Some transcription service providers use 100% human transcription instead of automated speech recognition tools to improve accuracy. When hiring a transcription company, it is essential to determine the measures they implement to ensure the accuracy of the final product.

Security and Confidentiality

Some audio/video files may contain sensitive data that you must keep confidential. It is essential that you establish whether a transcription company complies with privacy regulations. It is also vital to know what measures the company has taken to ensure the security of the data on your system in the event of a cyberattack.


The cost of the transcription must be reasonable and not compromise quality. Different service providers will charge by the hour, by the minute, or by the word. Whichever the case, make sure they don’t overcharge you or pay you too little to end up with a poor transcription. You can request several budgets before deciding on the most reasonable.

Experience and technical knowledge

Check if the transcriptionist has the right technical knowledge to handle your project. While the transcription process may seem similar across industries, each field has its unique jargon and formatting requirements.

technical capacity

Before hiring a transcription service provider, determine if their system allows you to upload large files at one time. You can also find out if the provider can include timestamps in the transcript and if they accept custom templates. Also, make sure the company has a convenient method of delivering transcripts.

Availability of customer service

Can the transcription service provider offer post-project support if you need adjustments? Establish if they offer 24/7 support because time differences can be a major problem. Opt for a personalized customer service. A dedicated project manager is valuable as you can contact them directly if you need help.

final thoughts

Voice transcriptions play an important role in the success of a business. They are essential for generating SEO-friendly web content, archiving, and capturing event details that you can easily reference.

Whether you’re looking for a transcription for a speech, interview, or phone call, it’s crucial that you hire reputable transcription specialists like GoTranscript. Essentially, you want a team that delivers high-quality transcripts in a reasonable turnaround time without breaking your bank.

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