How to Increase Your Ecommerce Sales This Holiday Season

This holiday season is the perfect opportunity to set a sales record. But conversions won’t just fall into your lap – you’ll be competing with other online businesses and you’ll need to be in tip-top shape.

Keep in mind that there are opposing forces converging on your business this holiday season. First of all, global supply chains are still affected, so the sooner you can source, the better. Clients are generally aware of these challenges, but are stubbornly reluctant to accept any impact on their own lives.

The other force you’ll need to be aware of is the holiday shopping season which starts earlier and peaks apex higher. According to retail industry research, most consumers will start shopping for the holidays in mid-November. In fact, 30% of consumers are already shopping for the holidays. In other words, we are in the holiday season.

These same consumers are opening their wallets with relish. Experts forecast an increase in global sales, reaching almost 6%. That’s a small slowdown in growth compared to last year, but experts at Deloitte say e-commerce sales will grow 12.8% to 14.3% compared to last year.

6 Ways to Boost Your Ecommerce Sales During the Holidays

Managing these challenges while seizing the opportunities will require proven strategies. Here are 6 tips to keep in mind:

1. The deals are back

Due to the rising costs of inflation, consumers will be looking for deals more than ever. Of course, this is not unusual during the holiday season, but customers are going to buy more than usual.

You might consider a similar free shipping promotion as it can motivate your customers to make additional purchases. Another popular tactic is to bundle complementary products. While socks, hairbrushes, batteries, and cheese make for an odd package, you can make a Christmas package that includes a hairbrush, hair straightener, and a bottle of their famous dry shampoo. Call it your “Vacation Hair Rescue Kit.”

One last tactic to think about is to include a free gift with orders that reach a certain threshold. For example, as an online jewelry store, you could offer a complimentary jewelry cleaning solution with all orders over $75.

2. Put your products in the hands of reviewers

We know that the opinions of influencers have an impact on the buying behavior of customers, that’s why we call them influencers.

But due to the potential economic core and inflation challenges, outside voices will be key in consumers’ decision-making process. Do not be passive in this trend. Look for product and post reviews and offer them samples of your latest and greatest products for the holiday season. Another trend during the season is Christmas shopping guides. Content creators are already working on this, so don’t wait to get in touch.

Even if they don’t give you a perfect review, getting your product in front of an audience desperate to buy will only help you gain exposure. You may not get everyone to see (or read) a product review to make a purchase, but they are potential customers you wouldn’t have in the first place.

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3. Join forces with a business friend

A powerful way to energize your customers and connect with a whole new group of buyers is to collaborate with another company. Choose a non-competitive partner that is in your industry or an industry that complements yours.

While it might generate buzz simply from a quirky collaboration, it wouldn’t be sustainable enough to generate substantial sales. Instead, look for a partnership that provides unique value to customers. For example, if you sell beauty products, you could partner with a business that sells high-end vanity mirrors. When customers purchase 3 or more items from her new lipstick line, they’ll get 25% off the mirror of their choice, plus free shipping on their entire order.

4. Control your ad spend

Remember that many of your customers have already entered Christmas shopping mode. Therefore, it would be ineffective to ration your ad spending for the next few weeks in anticipation of a major blitz in December. You should contact them now because they are already making gift decisions and starting to place orders.

Your optimal spend will depend on the different habits of your customer base, so be wary of anyone who tells you there’s one size fits all when it comes to managing your vacation listings. For best results, pay attention to your site traffic and reorder rates. The sales trend is probably going up right now and will peak sometime in the time window around Thanksgiving and Cyber ​​Monday.

5. Offer a gift

People love a good pageant no matter what time of year it is. But the holiday season often increases engagement, perhaps because the gift-giving mindset makes it seem more plausible that you could win a prize simply by entering your information into an online form.

If you want to learn how to increase your ecommerce sales with a giveaway, focus on these priorities:

  • Have a goal. Simply giving away a prize won’t move the needle much for your business. But if you use the contest to build your email list or to promote a new product, the positive results can be long-lasting.
  • Choose a prize that will attract attention. Running a giveaway with a lousy prize can actually hurt your brand, as it implies that you don’t think your customers deserve a good prize or that you don’t have the resources to pay for one. The best prizes have desirable value and are relevant to your audience.
  • Make it convenient to enter. There should be very few obstacles in the process of entering your contest. If your goal is to build your email list, then the input form should definitely ask for an email. But you shouldn’t bother them anymore by asking for their age or mailing address.
  • Set a clear timeline. As for the contest timeline, keep it long enough to attract a large number of entries without stretching to the point where interest begins to wane. An effective duration often falls between 15 and 28 days.
  • Make a big announcement. It is important that you inform everyone who won the contest, so that they are not left in doubt. A contest without a firm conclusion can only be considered a missed opportunity.

One final note on contests: Sometimes you’ll see a brand get hundreds of entries for their social media giveaways for small prizes like a $20 gift card. It is true that many people could have entered, but the low quality of the prize correlates with the low quality of the entries. People who signed up were only interested in one gift card and likely entered dozens of other contests that same day.

It’s not a bad thing to introduce the brand to these people, but they probably don’t intend to become customers. Your priority should be to offer a prize that energizes your customers, as well as your future prospects. When they get involved with your gift, customer loyalty ensues.

6. Get in the TikTok game

TikTok is the fastest growing online social platform, reaching the 1B user mark faster than any other platform. If you’re not already on TikTok as an individual business or brand, then you’re missing out on an engaged audience looking for holiday gift inspiration.

Due to TikTok’s unique language, knowing what’s trending on the platform is critical to breaking through the noise. Although we don’t yet know what TikTok holiday trends will emerge, establishing an organic presence on the platform will prepare you to take advantage when the seasonal trends arrive.

In coordination with your organic presence, start researching TikTok ads. There will be more potential to reach new customers this holiday season than in the saturated advertising markets of Facebook and Instagram. Check out our TikTok ads guide and get started.

Be Prepared for Christmas Sales

This holiday season will be challenging, exciting, and unpredictable. There will be as many delights as delays. And it will stand out if you can provide excellent customer service for months to come.

What this means is that you take care of your customers in a way that lets them know you value to them as well as your money. If a problem arises, quickly validate your concern and then communicate how you intend to find a solution.

Consider adding self-help resources to your website as a way to tackle low-hanging fruit, then make sure you have an AI chatbot that can point customers in the right direction for answers. But the nerve center of your customer service won’t be AI, it will be humans responding directly to customers. Your people need to be equipped with resources and prepared to help customers. As long as your service is trained and willing, most problems can be turned into positive opportunities to show your company’s superior support.

Want even more ideas on how to increase your eCommerce sales this holiday season? Visit our free business training library. Each course is taught by proven entrepreneurs who know what it takes to break into a niche, attract customers, and set sales records.

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