Information galore at the DWEN EntreprenHERS meeting

Although women entrepreneurs play an important role in driving global economic growth, several barriers prevent their businesses from growing rapidly. To combat this, Dell Technologies launched the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) global networking community in 2009 to connect like-minded Women Entrepreneurs (WEs) around the world and support them with cutting-edge technology, expert advice and industry insights. industry. so they can meet their challenges and grow their businesses together.

DWEN meetings for women entrepreneurs

DWEN will host multiple meetups across the country to bring together female founders and ecosystem facilitators to share their knowledge and mentor other budding entrepreneurs to scale their businesses.

The Bangalore edition of this DWEN networking meeting was held in early September at the YourStory office, with a fireside chat and keynote address.

This was followed by a master class session by Meghna Suryakumar, Founder and CEO, Crediwatch. Meghna is a serial entrepreneur with several years of experience in international legal consulting and advisory roles. Since 2016, she has founded Crediwatch, a digital trust platform that uses explainable AI, ML, open APIs, and data exchange protocols to amplify digital trust in the credit and business ecosystem.

The chat by the fireplace was in charge of Swati Mishra, Director and General Manager, Small Business, India at Dell Technologies. Swati has over 17 years of experience working at Dell Technologies to drive sales, achieve revenue and margin targets, and bring superior quality to market with aggressive market share growth. She stressed the importance of building brotherhood and supporting each other in the WE community, highlighting the various DWEN events that encourage more WE involvement.

Inspirational Journeys by DWEN EntreprenHERS

DWEN India has seen hundreds of entrepreneurs join the community since its inception and benefit from the extensive technology resources, expert advice and support it provides. Here are five DWEN entrepreneurs sharing their journeys to success in their respective fields.

1. Subangi Umopathy is a businessman who has worn many hats. Before founding Tulips & Daffodils, a garden products company in 2019, he held various positions at leading corporate IT companies.

Subangi, also a WEDO Ambassador, was inspired to become an entrepreneur and advocate for chemical-free garden practices and products because of her vision to ensure children learn to grow chemical-free food. She believes that it is imperative to teach gardening in this highly digital and tech-savvy world because it is a life skill that fuels curiosity.

2.Neelima Thakur He founded his company Shine Herbals in January 2016 in Karaikal, Puducherry with a single oil-based solution to multiple hair-related problems. Undaunted by the challenges that age brings, Neelima, then 56, built her business from scratch.

His creation is now in its sixth successful year with 25 products and more than 9,000 content clients worldwide.

3. Madhuri Aggarwal is the founder of Weaves of Tradition, a nearly five-year-old e-commerce platform that brings to the forefront traditional Indian handicrafts and products that resonate with the consumer. The company now plans to include sustainable options to put circular fashion into practice.

For her, entrepreneurship has been a steep learning journey that gives her the freedom to live life to the fullest. “Not only do you learn to put your ideas into practice, but you also apply all your life learning in real scenarios. It is an exciting journey, full of ups and downs,” she said.

Four. Based in Bangalore manini ramesh He started Silver Elegance to follow his dream of creating something and building an empire. Miss. Silverelegance creates 92.5 pure silver gold plated jewelery for every occasion which is in high demand in the market as a replacement for gold and is therefore an affordable gold replacement for many.

5. Myah Payel Mitra is a multi-award winning Employee Engagement and Career Transition Coach, international keynote speaker, and corporate trainer. Previously Manager of Customer Experience Strategy at KPMG, Myah made an unconventional career path to become a certified movement therapy practitioner. She empowers teams and organizations working on workplace wellness and helps people make successful career transitions.

To hear these entrepreneurs share their experience in the DWEN Bangalore edition,

DWEN is committed to supporting and empowering more women entrepreneurs to advance their businesses by taking full advantage of what Dell Technologies has to offer. If you are a woman or know someone who could benefit from this contest, this is your chance to benefit from this brilliant opportunity for growth.

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