Jaffa Cake shortage fears as factory workers strike over wages

Jaffa Cakes fans have shared their concerns about a possible shortage of the chocolate delight after workers at the factory where it is made announced they would be on strike over wages.

Staff at the Aintree plant have been taking limited union action since September, but withdrew on Monday on an indefinite strike.

Eamon O’Hearn, national officer for the GMB union, said: “These workers are rightly angry – they took a risk to keep the company running during the pandemic.

“Now they need some help to get through the cost of living crisis, but it’s falling on deaf ears.

“Jacob’s workers will now be on strike 24/7 until the company returns to the bargaining table.”

Other products facing shortages include Jacob’s Cream Crackers and Twiglets.

Customers took to Twitter to share their outrage at the prospect of not being able to buy their favorite products.

One user said: “I don’t care what you say, if Jaffa Cake production stops completely, the world ends.”

Another said: “Incoming Jaffa Cake crunch needs to build up immediately!”

It comes as nurses at most NHS employers across the UK have voted to strike over wages.

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) said the class action will take place in SNS trusts or health boards that have complied with legal requirements.

Many of England’s biggest hospitals will see a strike by RCN members, but others narrowly missed the statutory participation thresholds to qualify for action.

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