Mark Cuban criticizes Elon Musk for Twitter’s verification system

The last 48 hours on Twitter have been a disastrous landmine of copycatstrolls and others who spend cash for a blue check mark, leading to confusion for users and making it impossible to quickly tell which accounts are real or not.

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Though Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has been dramatic: legal battles, overhaul of internal operations, mass layoffs, dissolution of the Board, one of the latest changes, the launch of the $7.99 pay-per-verify plan of Musk, is causing chaos because he has no real verification.

The new system is drawing scorn from Musk’s contemporaries, including Mark Cuban. The billionaire took to Twitter on Wednesday night to voice his complaints about how the new blue checkmark system made it difficult for him to see which accounts were truly notable versus which accounts had just bought the checkmark.

As part of the plan, when an account with a blue check mark replies to or interacts with a user’s tweet, it will appear first and at the top of replies and mentions.

However, Musk’s response wasn’t enough for Cuban, who then went on a multi-tweet tirade about the inherent flaws in Musk’s new checkmark system, how it’s ruining the user experience, and how it generally takes away from it. Twitter’s greatest strength: the speed at which users can find and share verified and valuable information.

Of course, Cuban had to have the last word as he ended his tirade with words directed solely at Musk. saying “Again. Your business. Your call.”

Musk had temporarily introduced a gray checkmark feature earlier this week that would give a secondary ID, not available for purchase, to certain verified accounts, but he quickly removed the feature just hours after it was rolled out, saying he would go ahead with it. just use the blue check mark as the “great equalizer”. So far, it’s not going well.

Musk did not directly tweet about the complaints, but asked his followers if they had seen fewer spam accounts and bots since his acquisition.

As of 12:00 pm EST on Thursday, more than 2,043,000 users had voted with the vote nearly split 50/50, with 51% of voters saying yes and 49% saying no.

This is not the first time Cuban has taken to the social media platform to criticize the Tesla founder.

In April, Cuban claimed that Musk’s offer to buy Twitter was his sarcastic way of “fucking the SEC” following a $40 million lawsuit that Musk and Tesla had to pay the organization after Musk infamously tweeted that he had “financing”. insured” to take Tesla private.

Earlier this month, Cuban tweeted that he was looking forward to the “era” of Musk as the platform’s leader, indirectly saying that he will “flex” to “show everyone who’s in charge.”

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