Meet the impressive list of speakers for Day 1 of the track ‘Mix of Conversations’

As India continues to harness the ever-evolving nature of technology, new growth opportunities around deep technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning, cybersecurity and robotics could transform the next decade. on a roof

And TechSparks 13th is set to bring just that to light! After two years of virtual life, TechSparks is bigger and better to celebrate India’s tech agenda.

The three-day event, which will take place between November 10-12, at Taj Yeshwantpur, Bangalore— is set to bring together business leaders, policymakers, government officials, investors and academics to explore what is in store for the future of the Indian startup ecosystem.

Building on the theme of this year’s edition, ‘Building on India’s Tech Agenda’, the ‘Mix Conversation’ track features distinct themes that are set to explore India’s big picture regarding technology, new businesses and leadership.

On Day 1, the track will kick off with a fireside chat on the topic of ‘Money Conversations: Equity vs. Debt’, with Dilip GopinathDirector and Country Lead Tech, Commercial Banking HSBC, among other bigwigs.

Speakers will reflect on the ambiguity surrounding financing, one of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs, new and old.

Next we have a panel discussion on the topic ‘India Rises: The Next Technological Superpower’, with Subram NatarajanDirector of Customer Engineering at Google Cloud.

As India’s IT giants are leading the country to become a tech superpower, Subram and other panelists will delve into the topic and discuss how innovation, insight and talent can accelerate this journey.

Higher, Amit Chatterjeestart-ups program and strategic business initiative, Intel India, will moderate the panel discussion on ‘STEM Education: Key to a Future-Fit India’.

The session will focus on the issues surrounding the importance of investing in STEM education to help India consolidate its position as a global tech superpower.

Following this, bruno goveasAkamai’s chief cloud security officer, will deliver the keynote address “Optimal Cloud Architecture to Sustain Innovation,” where he will explore the nuances of creating a scalable, vendor-agnostic platform architecture to accelerate business goals without relying on of the supplier and the limitations of the computation price. performance, security and user experience.

Later on, the panel discussion, ‘Basic Security at Scale’ will feature Kumara RaghavanIndia Head – Startup Sales Segment, AWS, among other featured speakers.

With the development of newer and more evolved threat vectors, it is clear that security is not a one-time task. In the midst of this, how can you ensure that your organization’s security needs are not compromised in the escalation process?

Based on this, the panel will reflect on the essentiality of security to help organizations gain the trust of customers, regulators and auditors and protect themselves from malicious actors.

The final fireside chat for day 1 track ‘Disruption 101: Sunrise tech in India’ will include Sangeeta BaviExecutive Director, Digital Natives, Microsoft.

Reflecting on the various sectors of the Indian business ecosystem, Sangeeta will examine those that Indian businesses must attend to support the country’s desire to move closer to becoming a digital superpower.

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