More key Twitter executives just resigned, including the head of trust and safety • TechCrunch

Hours after news broke that Twitter had lost top cybersecurity executive Lea Kissner, another round of departures deepened the company’s ongoing crisis.

Zoë Schiffer from Platforms First reported Twitter Trust and Safety Chief Yoel Roth resigned from the company on Thursday after just two weeks under Musk’s leadership. Robin Wheeler, who was promoted to lead Twitter’s marketing and sales teams, has also reportedly left the company, according to Bloomberg.

Roth, who remained a public face at the company in the brief era of Musk and tweeted guarantees about the company’s moderation efforts, is a particularly powerful starting point. But both executives played a visible role in Musk’s version of the company. Just yesterday, Roth and Wheeler moderated a rambling Twitter space in which Musk shared his vision for the company.

Twitter also lost its chief privacy officer, Damien Kieran, and its chief compliance officer, Marianne Fogarty, on Thursday, along with the departure of its CISO. The latest wave of resignations in addition to Musk’s erratic behavior and his mass casualty layoffs are likely to destroy advertisers’ and regulators’ confidence in Musk’s ability to run the company.

According to multiple reports, Musk also called an impromptu meeting at the company on Thursday, painting a dire picture of its finances and stating that “bankruptcy is not out of the question.” Twitter’s new owner repeated his claim that the company would no longer allow remote work, suggesting that anyone who didn’t show up in person at the office would be fired.

This story is unfolding…

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