Musk flip-flops on Twitter verification: Bring (some) ‘official’ badges (in some parts of the world) • TechCrunch

Buckle up again for another Musk-Twitter U-turn: After a wave of phishing mayhem hit several high-profile brands and celebrities in recent hours, including an account pretending to be pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly tweeting that insulin “is now free.” – surely cooling the last embers of any advertiser’s ardor for the social media platform – Twitter’s new billionaire owner, Elon Musk, seems to have had another rethink, as an extra layer of “official” verification appears to have been brought back. It just, er, depends on where you’re viewing the platform from.

(Quick reminder: After Twitter owner/chaos edgelord’s decision to take over to devalue Twitter’s legacy ‘blue check’ verification system, by opening it up to anyone who pays it $8, some of the sane people still left in the company (after Musk’s 50% staffing removal) apparently tried to keep up with the craze by rushing the gray verification “Official” badge verification layer that was applied to some from legacy verified Twitter accounts (including, briefly, @TechCrunch). But a few hours later, the badges were gone, and Musk tweeted that he “killed” it.)

The Verge spotted the reversal (if we can put it that way) earlier, writing that “brands like Coca-Cola, Twitter, Wired and Ars Technica have the old and new gray checks.”

The TechCrunch account has also been renamed “Official”.

However, at the time of writing (and God knows what could happen in an hour or two on Musk-Twitter), the truth looks a bit, um, grayer, because these gray badges/checkmarks returned as “Official “are not always visible. , depending on where in the world you look at Twitter.

For example, if you’re looking at TechCrunch’s Twitter account with an IP address within the US, the “Official” stamp is visible (bottom, top). However, some locations outside of the US (including the UK and Spain) are missing the verification badge (for now). Although a colleague in India was able to see the Official stamp on our account. So, er, a new chaos reigns!

Now you see it officially identified (above, US IP), now you don’t (above, UK IP)… (Natasha Lomas/TechCrunch)

Is this ‘official regional verification’ another joke by Musk now that he has his hands on the wheel of Twitter, perhaps aiming to troll the mainstream media? Or is it just a slow global rollout of U-turn, given that it wiped out half the staff and a bunch more walked out the door? Frankly, who knows.

we cannot confirm officially with the company because Twitter laid off its communications department and messages to the press and people still working at Twitter since Musk took over were ignored.

What else is coming? Anyone can guess, but Musk recently tweeted (in response to a Twitter user named “BiasedGirl”) to imply that the official verification status No it will be universally granted to legacy verified Twitter users, saying: “There are too many corrupt legacy blue ‘verify’ checkmarks out there, so there is no choice but to remove legacy blue in the coming months.”

In another recent broadcast of the formerly self-proclaimed Chief Twit, Musk also stipulated that “parody phishing” accounts must be clearly labeled as such in their name, not just in their Twitter bio.

“Basically, misleading people is not okay,” he added.

Advertisers are sure to return to a version of Twitter that is inundated with verified spoof spoof accounts whose brand-shattering priority tweets are flooding the feeds of highly confused remaining users. Nope.

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