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Firefighting is a specialized job that requires a lot of courage, training and skills. It also places unique demands on the vehicle they are using. This begs the question of whether it’s better to have a stock vehicle for work or opt for a custom version.

There are many considerations to take into account when trying to decide which option will be best for a firefighter.

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Knowing that you have access to the international truck parts necessary to keep a fire truck in top condition is just one of the points to consider when it comes to evaluating the best option between an original or a modified truck.

Ready to use right out of the box

The most obvious advantage in favor of choosing a stock fire truck is that it will be delivered fully loaded with all the equipment and essential elements necessary to allow the vehicle to be started from the first moment.

Certain features can probably be added at the point of purchase if needed. However, buying a standby truck for a firefighting crew means that if the department is on a tight budget and a tight deadline, there is an out-of-the-box solution.

Although many aspects of the work that the truck will be required to do will have been taken into account when designing a standard fire engine, there may be certain appliances that a particular fire department needs or uses more than usual.

This presents limitations for a series truck that offers a standard solution. Although customization is potentially possible, it would apparently defeat the object because it was then looking to create a truck that would meet certain equipment and performance demands.

More flexibility with a customized solution

If it has been decided that more stairs, more cameras or extended bumpers are needed, for example, it makes sense to consider the custom option.

It’s going to cost more to customize a fire truck compared to the price of a standard version. However, the money can be considered well spent when the truck that is delivered covers all the necessities and contains all the equipment, gadgets and appliances that have been decided to be essential for each firefighter to perform safely and efficiently.

There are definite pros and cons attached to either purchase option. It is often a matter of figuring out everything the truck needs to have and what kind of budget is available to make that happen.

If there is an opportunity to create a custom truck that meets the unique demands of the job the fire crew will use the vehicle for, it seems sensible to go with the custom option.

If budget constraints are going to limit options and equipment selection, it may be better to choose a standard fire truck, given the circumstances.

Whether a custom or standard truck is chosen, it is clear that both will have been designed and built to perform at the kind of level that would be required by every firefighter using the vehicle in the course of their duties.

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