Protect your privacy with a personalized second phone number

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Each year, up to 10 percent of people are affected by identity theft. A common first step is to see that your phone is no longer secure, which is indicated by a significant influx of unwanted calls and texts. However, keeping your phone number secure isn’t exactly easy considering you have to use your phone number for everything from work calls to social events to online shopping.


However, instead of using your real number, you may be able to create a fake number using the muted private phone line. This subscription gives you access to a fake number you can use to make calls, send texts and more, and a lifetime subscription is on sale for 83 percent off.

Protect your phone number and your anonymity.

Before cell phones, phone numbers weren’t as connected to your identity. Phone numbers are now inextricably linked to a multitude of accounts, creating vulnerabilities that hackers and fraudsters can exploit.

Hushed gives you a fully functional second phone number that you can use for calls or texts that won’t reveal your real number. Choose from hundreds of area codes and set voicemail to your fake number and protect your privacy.

Organize a purchase on Craigslist without worrying about receiving strange text messages weeks later. Register on social networks without putting your personal number in the hands of a company that may end up selling it. Communicate with your co-workers on your time without giving them unlimited means to communicate with you in their off hours.

This plan gives you 6,000 SMS and 1,000 phone minutes that are renewed every year. If you run out of minutes or texts before the year is up, you can add more at any time. The only requirement is that you use your fake number at least once every six months to keep it active.

Make calls and send text messages from a second phone number.

Protect your privacy without limiting your ability to use your phone. Get a lifetime subscription to the Hushed Private Phone Line for $24.99 (reg. $150).

Prices subject to change.

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