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When your literature search is complete and you have a clear position on the topic, a complete outline, a bibliography, and a stack of notes, your attention and effort will be directed to writing your material. To make it easier to start this process, you have a few ways. You may pay someone to write my essaytake a look at this article, and Pick a part of the essay where you know the material well and start writing that paragraph. But before you start writing, it is very important to take into account the type of reader the essay is aimed at.

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first written form

At this stage, the written form may also contain incomplete elements. You should not feel that it is necessary to have all your thoughts fully organized in your mind before you put pen to paper or keyboard. Once you’ve done your research or paid someone to write my research paper, documentation, and outline, the best way to think about your essay is to write it. Seeing your thoughts written down allows you to perceive them critically and objectively, and writing one sentence will inspire the next. You don’t have to be disappointed by the inconsistency of the first written form. The goal of this first form is to produce raw material (a scratch) that you can continue to work with.

Reviewing the essay

Major reviews of written material that you do yourself or pay someone to write my article should consider the following criteria or benchmarks: clarity, coherence, unity. This is the stage where you finalize the material, removing redundant elements, paying close attention to the way it is expressed and written.

Criteria for evaluating the trial

The following are the criteria for evaluating an essay, useful first for self-assessment and then as benchmarks against which it can be scored:

Clarity: the message of the essay is well defined, its wording is unambiguous, the work is organized around an idea for which there is verifiable evidence.

Argumentation: the ideas and theories presented are based on arguments taken from the bibliography.

Logical coherence: the ideas are related to each other, flow from each other, start with an idea that you develop and do not end the argument with ideas that have not been presented in the essay. Top writers tips pay someone to write my cheap paper services by the way.

Interaction with bibliographical material: the bibliographical sources are properly cited, the arguments put forward are based on the presentation of different investigations.

Originality, creativity, innovation: can I pay someone to write my article if I want to fulfill this condition? Yes, because the particular way in which you approach the subject, the exposure of personal opinions based, however, on the analysis of various bibliographic sources.

General appearance of the essay: compliance with the criteria established below: grammar, spelling, aesthetic appearance, are they ok?

Formal aspects

No matter how happy you are with the content of an essay, make sure that the way you present it is being salivating: order the text with the justified option, pay attention to possible spelling or grammatical errors, the way you formulate and write the subheadings, the citing sources form where you pay someone to write my final paper. Space 1.5 cm between lines and leave 2 cm margins for the evaluator to write observations and comments. It will use only one side of the sheet and will use Romanian characters, being careful in the use of diacritical marks, so as not to focus the evaluator’s attention on correcting them. Number the pages centered at the bottom (except the cover, which is not numbered), staple the essay or put it in a folder, after checking the number of words used in Word Count, which should be as close as possible to the number of words used. indicated number, and this number must be entered on the cover.

Below is a suggestion for the cover.

Check list

To check that you have met the main requirements to write an essay, go to the following questions:

  • Have I answered the specific question I started from?
  • Have I subdivided the question into smaller separate questions and answered them?
  • Have I covered the main topics well?
  • Have I addressed them in sufficient depth?
  • Is the content relevant?
  • Have I arranged the material in a logical order?
  • Does the essay move smoothly from section to section, paragraph to paragraph?
  • Is each main idea convincingly supported by appropriate examples and arguments?
  • Have I indicated all the bibliographic sources used?
  • Have I clearly distinguished between my own ideas and those of others?
  • Have I reread the material to rephrase unclear sentences?
  • Are the grammar, spelling, and aesthetic layout correct?


It might also suggest the broader implications of the problem you’ve tackled and lay out what the next steps might be. In this section, you can make your own points, as long as they are based on the arguments you made earlier. Or do it with essay authors, if you have a “can I pay someone to write my research paper?” question.

If the introduction is an anticipation, a prediction, or a forecast, the conclusion is a final analysis. Keep in mind that each idea must be linked to the next, each main category must be linked to the chosen position and each subcategory must be linked to the main category.

final thoughts

Essays that do not meet the criteria with paid research papers and the dimensions specified in this material may be those in which the work consists of analytical ideas that arise, develop, and disappear, without a central organizing idea, or in which the author reproduces everything that or knows about a particular topic, instead of dealing with the specific topic, as in situations where the author proposes different points of view, opinions, but does not present relevant scientific arguments and adequate bibliographic sources to support them.

This material presents how you can pay someone to write my work on reddit, for example, and a series of clarifications and criteria derived from the international norms of standards for the production and writing of an essay. It is not a recipe, but a guide designed to coordinate the learning process and the production of good academic work. Apart from any technique, perhaps the most important thing is to do what you have to do with love and interest and enjoy at the end what you have achieved in your work.

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