Revenge Trips and Effortless Cross-Border Transaction Opportunities

The travel and hospitality industry is witnessing a host of trends regarding consumption patterns and planning dynamics. The pent-up demand for travel has led to an increase in “revenge travel.” Emerging markets like India are seeing a surge in the number of travelers spending on vacations and new experiences.

Because of this, payment patterns are also changing rapidly. International transactions are becoming more common. This shift to cashless travel is driven by consumers and the travel industry. Travel providers and service providers are embracing technology to facilitate online transactions and payments, while consumers have become more familiar and comfortable with contactless payments. To meet this demand, businesses of all sizes are digitally transforming to keep up with this contactless way of operating.

With cashless transactions becoming the preferred option for most international travelers, organizations can expand their customer base by offering simple yet reliable cross-border transactions.

To shed light on the opportunities available and discuss avenues for growth, PayPal, in partnership with YourStory, is hosting a webinar on ‘The opportunities in revenge travel and effortless cross-border transactions’.

Key Focus Areas:

01. Trends towards travelers going cashless abroad

02. Travel providers embracing technology to overcome challenges

03. Increase in the use of digital wallets

04. Establishments that refuse cash payments

05. Perfect checkout experience for customers

06. What’s next for digital wallets?