Riots break out at the world’s largest iPhone factory in China over Covid and pay

Protests have broken out at the world’s largest iPhone factory in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou.

According to Bloomberg reports, workers at the Foxconn Technology plant began protesting overnight over unpaid wages and fears over Covid rates.

Images have circulated online showing hundreds of workers marching, with riot police present.

Tensions have been rising in the region after the lockdown began in October amid rising infection rates.

Around 200,000 people work at the plant, and last month there were reports that many had tried to flee the region.

The Zhengzhou plant, one of the world’s largest, announced a new recruitment drive earlier this month, in a bid to lure back staff who had left in recent weeks under allegedly poor working conditions with a one-time bonus of 500 yuan ($69.28). they come back.

The Zhengzhou region produces about four out of five of its latest-generation phones for Apple.

In a statement earlier this month, Apple said that while it expects demand to be strong for its iPhone 14, despite the global economic downturn weighing on consumer habits, shipments will be lower than expected. previously.

Foxconn has also lowered its outlook for this quarter due to the lockdown.

“Foxconn is now working with the government in a concerted effort to end the pandemic and resume production at full capacity as quickly as possible,” the company said on Monday.

Foxconn and Apple were not immediately available to comment.

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