Startup News & Updates: Daily Roundup (November 15, 2022)

Bite-sized insurance sales jump 270% at MakeMyTrip’s fintech arm

travel money, make my trip‘s fintech unit said sales of non-COVID downsized insurance benefit covers against unexpected emergencies jumped 270%.

TripMoney, along with its insurance partners, has 10 custom-designed insurance coverages for customers, covering hotel stays, domestic and international flight travelers, and loss of luggage or mobile device, among others.

Its partners include insurtech companies like Aditya Birla Health Insurance, Tata AIG, Reliance General Insurance, etc.

“Travellers are now actively seeking coverage that promises to insure their trip, their lives and loved ones, and other tangible assets, right at the time of booking,” said Sumit Agarwal, Senior Vice President of TripMoney.

“A travel insurance cover that often emerged as an afterthought for many a few years ago has now become an integral part of booking for domestic and international travellers,” he added.

Swiggy partners with IIT-Jodhpur to develop facial recognition system

food delivery company swiggy said it has partnered with IIT Jodhpur to develop a computer vision and AI-based facial recognition system in a bid to increase security and compliance on the platform.

Swiggy will use the technology to detect fraud, spoofing, track attendance, and automatically detect and extract faces from various types of images and selfies.

Swiggy can also use this technology to verify a customer’s age for alcohol purchases in states where such deliveries are permitted.

HealthifyMe Appoints Dr. Shebani Sethi of Stanford University as CMO

health and fitness app greet me said it has appointed Dr. Shebani Sethi, who is the founding director of metabolic psychiatry at Stanford University School of Medicine, as its chief medical officer.

Dr. Shebani is expected to drive HealthifyMe’s metabolic health push by marrying medicine with elements of psychiatry and behavioral neuroscience, the startup said.

“His expertise will allow us to stay ahead as we build the most advanced solution for exercise, fat loss and metabolic health,” said Tushar Vashisht, Co-Founder and CEO of HealthifyMe.

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Tech-driven innovations in India must be affordable and scalable: FM Nirmala Sitharaman at TechSparks 2022

Nikon India enters the healthcare sector with microscopy solutions – PTI

Imaging products firm Nikon India Pvt Ltd announced on Tuesday its foray into the healthcare sector through the systems products microscopy business.

The company has released its ‘AXR Point’ scanning confocal microscope which has the ability to provide a 25mm field of view in a single shot, helping researchers generate the most accurate statistical data while taking images, Nikon said. India in a statement.

The product is aimed at top-tier research institutes, research centers funded and established by the Indian government, academic educational institutions, clinical centers such as hospitals and medical research institutes to boost research and development in medicine, it added.

World population reaches 8 billion, with India the largest contributor – PTI

With India likely to overtake China as the most populous country in 2023, it should be seen as an opportunity to become the resource creator for the world and focus on ensuring equity and caring for the aging population, experts said on Tuesday. .

The world’s population hit 8 billion on Tuesday and India was the biggest contributor to the milestone, with an additional 177 million people, the United Nations said, noting that its population growth appears to be leveling off, showing that policies and health systems are working.

For China, which added 73 million people, its contribution to the next billion in world population is projected to be negative.

The Population Foundation of India (PFI) said this milestone should not be seen as a problem, but as an opportunity for India to plan better and provide a healthy and happy life to people around the world.

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