Startup News & Updates: Daily Roundup (November 17, 2022)

UpScalio partners with Unicommerce to optimize the post-purchase experience

UpScalio, a leading brand house, has partnered with Unicommerce to implement a supply chain SaaS platform that will streamline operations for its portfolio of consumer brands. The company currently has a portfolio of 13 brands that cover segments such as household items and kitchen appliances, automotive accessories, footwear, and ergonomic furniture.

UpScalio has implemented Unicommerce’s warehouse management and order fulfillment solutions to improve the efficiency of its warehouses and ensure faster order processing, which will lead to accurate and faster deliveries of orders to end consumers, according to a report. Press release.

The company is managing its inventory of more than 2 lakhs of products stored in six warehouses in the country. UpScalio processes more than 2,000 orders every day across its portfolio of thirteen brands.

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agarwal mayank

Eatfit announces Mayank Agarwal as investor and brand ambassador

Healthy food platform EatFit, hosted under Curefoods, has announced cricketer Mayank Agarwal as its brand ambassador. Mayank will represent the brand in all of its marketing campaigns and will invest in EatFit as part of the partnership for the next two years.

To praise Mayank’s fervor for his game, EatFit will curate a specific variety of foods that will complement his personality and journey on the cricket ground. EatFit will create a series of content for its users to inspire people to embrace healthy living and follow their passion.

Medi Assist acquires majority stake in UK-based global benefits manager ‘Mayfair We Care’

Medi Assist Healthcare Services Ltd (Medi Assist), an insurtech company backed by Bessemer Ventures, has announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Mayfair We Care (Mayfair), a healthcare-focused management services provider based in the UK and worldwide presence. .

The partnership will allow Medi Assist to expand offerings for its clients beyond India and provide global access to medical benefits and health plan administration. Additionally, customers of both organizations can now take advantage of globally integrated services through a combined platform.


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India Accelerator and CIEU announce Bharatx, an accelerator for the growth of seed-stage startups

India Accelerator, in association with the Council for International Understanding (CIEU), a research-oriented independent think tank, has launched BharatX, an accelerator to accelerate the development and growth of early-stage startups.

Team BharatX (LR: Ashutosh Bhondele, Munish Bhatia, Ashwani Mahajan, Sridhar Vembu, R. Sundaram, Anilesh Mahajan, Aditya Malik, Ashish Bhatia)

” align=”center”>bharatx

Team BharatX (LR: Ashutosh Bhondele, Munish Bhatia, Ashwani Mahajan, Sridhar Vembu, R. Sundaram, Anilesh Mahajan, Aditya Malik, Ashish Bhatia)

BharatX will work as a growth enabler to support that startup ecosystem, especially from Tier II and III cities.

In its first edition of the accelerator program, BharatX has announced that it will invest Rs 1-5 crore for each startup and will also facilitate access to leading corporations along with dialogue with policy makers.

With its partners with an established legacy of excellence and a proven track record of supporting countless founders, investors and aspirants, BharatX will work as a growth catalyst to take the Indian business landscape to the next level by providing them with a platform for global expansion.

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