Tarci is delivering timely SMB data to financial institutions

We all know how difficult it is to start a business and make it grow in a given time. We all want our businesses to grow right away because of the pressure of it not turning out the way we expected. However, most businesses can’t get off the ground as fast as we want.

Some companies take months to have a return on investment. Some take years. We want our businesses to thrive as soon as possible, but thinking like that seems unlikely. This is a harsh reality, especially since some people are not capable of being patient with their business.

So this raises a gigantic, almost age-old question: how will businesses be able to grow and prosper at a time when businesses for certain groups are springing up like mushrooms?

When Tarci was founded by CEO and Co-Founder Leetal Gruper and CTO and Co-Founder Sergey Bahchissaraitsev in 2019, they saw a major gap in the market: accurate and actionable data on SMEs or small and medium-sized businesses.

Gruper and Bahchissaraitsev are veterans in the world of sales and data, which really gives them an edge in this space.

We currently live in a technology-driven era. We all use websites and social networking sites for work and entertainment. It’s not unreasonable to say that our data is perhaps some of the most valuable assets we can have, especially in this day and age.

Tarci has mastered collecting sufficient data from SMBs using advanced data science, which could be used to capture the data needed for companies with as little as one employee up to 500 employees.

Furthermore, Tarci also has a continuous intelligence engine that is capable of connecting to a wide range of external data sources. He is also updated weekly to get an accurate view of SMEs not only in the country, but also around the world. Tarci uses in-depth data labeling system and cutting-edge artificial intelligence could create robust data for SMBs.

With this, Tarci can create highly targeted campaigns based on “early signals” and verified needs from SMB, through the use of dynamic data. The time spent marketing and trying to get clients has been shown to dramatically reduce time. Some companies using Tarci reported a 50 percent difference in the amount of time spent on research.

This led the employees of the companies to concentrate on their jobs: closing deals. This, then, results in more clients as the time spent searching for leads that may or may not be fruitful is reduced.

Businesses could grow and prosper at an unprecedented rate using the data provided by Tarci. Businesses can target their customers efficiently and easily, while customers are provided with what they need.

At this time when there are a lot of companies trying to get clients from a specific industry or group, Tarci can help their clients reach as many people as possible through the least amount of time spent on research.

Dynamic data doesn’t just help companies reach their customers. These could also detect customer risks, as the data could help identify changes in customer status and prevent potential customer debt.

In a world where everything is data driven, it’s important to have something like Tarci in your pocket. In just three years, the venture capital-backed company with employees on three continents continues to grow.

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