The Future of Insurance – Podcast Episode

Rob Galbraith, founder of Forestview Insights and best-selling author of “The End of Insurance as We Know It,” joined Bobbie Collies, Director of Growth at Coterie Insurance, for an in-depth discussion on the “And I Quote” podcast of Coterie. Rob has extensive experience in insurance which led him to publish the book in 2019. His insights and insights have taken him around the world, where he has delivered keynote speeches and met with industry experts on the future of insurance. insurance.

Discovering Insurtech

Rob began his insurance career with USAA after majoring in Economics at Michigan State University. He became more interested in the business and underwriting aspects of insurance, eventually advancing to a leadership position. He shares how he got into insurtech when his team was responsible for managing catastrophic risk and underwriting more business in catastrophic areas. Rob realized that chasing such risks tends to lead to higher profitability, as most traders compete for lower risks in non-CAT areas. However, with the use of technologies such as advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and aerial imagery, he saw an opportunity to take more risk without jeopardizing the company’s financial foundation.

It was while processing his thoughts on this technology that Rob wrote his book “The End of Insurance As We Know It” in 2019. He talks about how the book builds on his passion, where he synthesizes and curates insurtech information into an easily digestible format. road. Whether in claims, loss control, or distribution and underwriting, the book helps drive conversations within insurance organizations about the future of long-term trends.

Having a passion for driving change and leading innovation is what exposed Rob to the brokerage space. Like Bobbie, Rob has made the leap from the world of traditional insurance to insurtech. Recently founding Forestview Insights, he seeks to move beyond the day-to-day insurance experience to focus on today’s trends for the future of insurtech and help organizations shape their future. Currently, a newsletter with information is offered, the objective is to educate and encourage innovation at all levels of an organization.

Where is the future of insurance?

Reflecting on his recent experience at Insurtech Connect, Rob has seen a shift from direct-to-consumer rhetoric, “you need agents and brokers”, to a more mature perspective in the insurtech startup space. With a focus on enablement in the face of disruption, the agent and broker community is becoming more technology-focused. Concepts like enabling transactions and creating markets are gaining importance.

Rob shares his thoughts on Coterie Insurance and its impact on the future of insurance with a focus on speed and simplicity. Whether through independent agents and brokers or integrated partners, consumers want an easy experience where they can trust the protection they are buying. It is important to reduce the administrative burden, take advantage of the data and offer the service where the customer prefers to participate. The days of the lowest price have been replaced by the ease of doing business. Insurance customers want maximum value without much effort.

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