Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes calls for home confinement, not jail

In a court filing Thursday, the legal team of former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes made a case to prevent the founder from serving a lengthy prison sentence for defrauding investors.

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Elizabeth Holmes leaving federal court in October 2022.

“We recognize that this may seem like a tall order given the public perception of this case,” the filing said, according to Bloomberg.

He asked that she serve 18 months confined to her home.

In addition, 130 people associated with the founder, including former Theranos investors and family and friends, sent letters in her support. The presentation argued that the “real” Holmes has been obscured by “media vitriol”.

Holmes founded Theranos in 2003, claiming that the company had a revolutionary test that could use a much smaller amount of blood to detect a broader range of diseases, including cancer, and raised $700 million for the company. He was featured extensively in Fortune in 2014, which greatly boosted his profile.

His company at the time was valued at almost $9 billion.

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Then, in 2015 and 2016, Wall Street Journal reports exposed that the technology was basically broken. Holmes stepped down as CEO in 2018.

Holmes was convicted of four fraud-related charges in January. The story was told in part on Hulu’s “The Dropout,” where Amanda Seyfried won an Emmy for playing the founder.

In Thursday’s filing, as the outlet noted, Holmes again discussed her claims that her business partner Sunny Balwani was emotionally and physically abusing her. He was convicted in a separate trial in July on 12 counts of fraud.

Holmes’ team also said, according to Bloomberg, that she has become a sexual violence crisis counselor.

The presentation is a kind of Hail Mary. Some of the fraud charges she was convicted of include minimum sentences of nine years, according to the outlet. The prosecution has yet to give the judge, US District Judge Edward Davila, recommendations for a prison sentence.

This week, Holmes’ team failed to obtain a new trial after claiming a key witness may have been pressured by the prosecution.

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