This Smart Dog Toy Is $10 Off Now

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You love your dog, of course. You love your dog so much that you bring him into the office every day and your team thanks you. While there are good reasons to believe that office pets are good for productivity, you still need a backup for when your dog gets too excited and needs to calm down and stop distracting people.


You have things to do, so let Wicked Ball keep your dog entertained. Successfully funded on Indiegogo and Kickstarter and featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox News and more, Wicked Ball is the interactive dog toy that entertains your dog when he’s busy.

This smart toy is 100 percent automatic with three interaction modes: soft, active, and normal. It’s designed to help eliminate your dog’s feelings of loneliness and boredom when you’re not around, and also gives them the exercise they might not otherwise get during the day. In Smart Companion mode, you can balance activity and rest with 10-minute play and 30-minute rest cycles to keep your dog busy all day. Plus, there’s a built-in snack hole for added excitement.

You might be worried that Wicked Ball will unleash your dog like a bull in a Chinese store, but the built-in collision sensor automatically avoids obstacles to keep the game in a safe area. And of course, it’s durable and resistant to all the bites, gnaws and scratches it has to put up with from your dog. Basically, it’s the smartest tennis ball you’ve ever seen and it can save you and your office a lot of distractions.

Let your office go to the dogs, but keep an eye on your dog when you need to. For a limited time, you can get the Wicked Ball for 18 percent off from $49 to just $39.99.

Prices subject to change.

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