Tips for dealing with oil spills

If your business stores oil, you must be prepared for accidents. Even a small leak could stop operations, damage your property, and harm the environment.

ICE Cleaning is a specialty cleanup company that can clean up oil spills, whether it’s in water, on the ground, or on a hard surface. Their technicians can be on site within 60 minutes in an emergency.

Read on to learn how you should respond to an oil spill.

respond immediately

If you discover an oil leak, you must act quickly. First, call the UK pollution hotline on 0800 80 70 60 to report the incident and get advice on what to do.

Then stop the flow of the oil, either by placing a bucket under the leak or by closing valves and faucets. The spill must also be contained and absorbed to prevent it from spreading.

You should not try this yourself as exposure to oil is very dangerous. The oil contains toxic chemicals and gives off vapors that can cause nausea, headaches, fatigue, and respiratory problems. Long-term exposure increases the risk of more serious health problems, such as organ damage and cancer.

Only professionals with personal protective equipment and training in hydrocarbon remediation should approach the leak. Instead, you should contact your fuel supplier for specific advice on your situation.

You then need to notify your insurance company of the spill to claim the cost of the lost oil and let them know you need professional cleanup services.

Don’t clean it yourself

Oil is very difficult to remove without the proper equipment, products, and equipment. This is because oil leaves a residue on every surface it comes in contact with, so the entire area needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

If you clean it incorrectly, you could also make the situation worse, such as throwing it down the drain or using detergents. Both could lead to serious contamination. Only specially trained professional cleaners can safely and effectively remove all traces of oil.

Prevent it from contaminating water supplies

If the oil is getting into the soil or earth, you need to make sure it doesn’t spread into the foundations of buildings or into the groundwater supply. Bring in professional cleaners with specific training in cleaning, removing, and disposing of oil-contaminated soil.

Whenever an oil spill or leak occurs, you should hire professional help to minimize the damage to your business and the surrounding environment. ICE Cleaning technicians are fully licensed to handle and dispose of any type of oil and are available nationwide.

You can find more information about the range of ICE Cleaning services here.

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