TMBA 651: Finding Hope in the Aftermath of Loss

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Today’s guest, Sherry Walling, is a respected clinical psychologist who specializes in business mental health. She is also the host of Zen Founder, a podcast in which she is sometimes joined by her husband Rob.

Those who have listened to Zen Founder know that Sherry has been poignantly sharing the upheavals and losses she’s been through in recent years — in 2018 she lost her father to cancer, and six months later her brother committed suicide — and how it has affected her. her and all her family.

On today’s show, Sherry talks with Dan about how he tried, in a way, to make sense of what happened by writing a book “Touching Two Worlds: A Guide to Finding Hope After Loss.”

“The events of the last few years have been so strange to me that I have to force myself to study history, as something I am learning from the outside in, as something that happened to someone else.”

It’s a moving account of what he discovered, including some great practical suggestions for others who are in a similar place and struggling to get ahead. In Sherry’s case, this included eloping to the circus (only at night and on weekends).

Listen to this week’s program and learn:

● How Sherry’s relationship with Rob changed through grieving experiences
● The difficulties of talking to children about suicide
● Why ‘great sorrow’ led to ‘great resignation’
● How it helped Sherry learn circus arts like aerial acrobatics

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