TMBA 660: Five Easy Ways to Work Smarter (Not Harder)

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Who doesn’t want to maximize results and spend less time, or simply make better use of it, on their business? On this week’s show, Dan and Ian discuss five possible ways to make this happen from their own experience growing Dynamite Jobs.

They include contacting an expert professional in your field, someone who has experience and knowledge at the level you want to grow to, creating a strict ‘hindsight’ financial responsibility that provides clarity on where your money is and where it should go. And there is more, of course. It wouldn’t be a TMBA episode without five points. Is the law.

“We have reached out to a number of industry experts in the workplace. And I think some relationships are going to come out of that… And I think the most valuable thing that’s starting to change for us is just the product roadmap. So if you can identify someone who is an industry expert in their field, you can often shave years off your product development cycle.”

Listen to this week’s program and learn:

  • Why it could be so helpful to communicate with an industry expert in your space
  • Vern Harnish’s ‘Scaling Up’ vs. Gino Wickman’s ‘Traction’
  • Choosing where to have a ‘working holiday’
  • The power of a system to enter the finances of your company

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