TMBA 666: Following The Signs In Your Business

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The ‘Stair Step’ approach to entrepreneurship is a recurring theme at the TMBA. Coined, of course, by the host of Startups For The Rest Of Us rob masonry. Essentially, it describes how you can develop your business skills by, say, starting an independent business, then convincing some of those clients to run an agency, and then maybe Software as a Service, and so on.

But honestly, a similar approach can be applied in many different ways, including applying it to a brand, which is what today’s guest Ben Dziwulski, founder of WodPrep, has done for many years, helping CrossFitters to improve their techniques. He talks to Dan about how WodPrep has grown into a $1.1 million business that also allows him to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle he loves.

Listen and learn:

  • The ‘scarcity mentality’ trap
  • Why the ‘recurring income’ model has worked in Ben’s niche
  • How Ben has applied the ‘Lion Tracker’ approach to growth
  • The ways personal therapy has contributed to Ben’s business success

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