TMBA 672: Public Building Marketing: From Hobby to Great Business Opportunity

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It started as a hobby in college and was also how he met his wife, but now ‘Dumpster Diving’ has become a huge business opportunity for Dave Sheffield, founder of Buffalo Bottle Craft.

On today’s show, Dave talks to Dan about how a Vice documentary, currently viewed by nearly 1.5 million people, and the subsequent media interest has made him consider the many different ways a ‘Dumpster company Diving’ could grow: from selling physical products from dumpster finds, to creating online content that shows how others can do the same:

“If I find some new material in the dump that I know I can get to scale… I just make a video and say, ‘Hey guys, check out this cool thing. What do you think I could do with it? What would you do with it?’ And that’s my product research right there.”

Listen and learn:

  • Dave’s Strategies for Successful Dumpster Diving
  • How a Reddit thread led to a Vice Documentary
  • Why media attention has allowed Dave to research his ideas in public
  • The opportunities an existing business gives you to try out ideas

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