Unbabel provides real-time, AI-powered multilingual support for live customer service agents

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Recent studies reveal that more than two-thirds (69%) of global consumers believe it is extremely or very important for brands to offer a comprehensive customer experience in their native language. An end-to-end multilingual customer experience starts from the first point of contact in the buying process, for example a translated website, even after the product is sold, such as customer service in their language maternal.

However, this is just added complexity for contact centers – it is already daunting to deal with the large infrastructure and large number of employees required to keep a customer service center running, and if they want 24/7 coverage in a particular language, d needs at least four people who speak that particular language to cover the shifts (which does not take into account any free time).

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To address this issue, San Francisco, California-based Unbabel offers an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered language operations platform (langops) that helps companies deliver multilingual customer experience (CX) at scale. “Unbabel is building a language operations platform that helps all teams in a company easily interact with customers in any language. We combine advanced artificial intelligence with human editors to achieve fast, efficient, high-quality translations that get smarter over time,” Vasco Pedro, co-founder and CEO of Unbabel, told VentureBeat.


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Unbabel focuses on omnichannel and mobile-first solutions to stay at the forefront of multilingual CX. The company partners with industry-leading CRMs like Zendesk to offer high-quality multilingual integrations for multiple channels like chat, support, and help centers, allowing businesses to reach customers through the channel of their choice.

Some of Unbabel’s new integrations offer translations for consolidated views of all customer conversations, whether sent via social media, email, FB Messenger, or WhatsApp, providing consistent, omnichannel customer service in any language. , with no interruptions to the agent’s workflow.

Unbabel uses a hybrid translation approach that combines AI with human editors, who ensure quality and constantly work to update translation algorithms unique to a market or country’s language preferences, delivering nuanced translations to all users at scale.

Backed by $91 million in total funding, Unbabel works with global brands like Booking.com, Nestlé, Panasonic, Patagonia, UPS and more.

Conversational AI integration with multilingual customer service

Most recently, Unbabel announced a new partnership with Ada, a conversational AI platform that provides hyper-personalized and automated customer service. This new partnership expands the Ada offering, bringing multilingual support to live agents and even more language capabilities for Ada-powered chatbots.

“We know that the leading brands in the industry seek to differentiate themselves from the competition by providing their customers with a VIP-level experience. However, with the current state of the market, brands are tasked with doing all of this while lowering final costs,” said Pedro. “Introducing AI-powered solutions is one of the best ways for companies to increase efficiencies to walk this fine line. Ada is the industry leader in chatbots and conversational AI solutions, and the value support they offer fits perfectly with what we are driving at Unbabel.”

Through complex automation, Ada’s chatbots help customers resolve their incidents faster and mostly without the intervention of a live agent. This diversion reduces costs and improves the customer service experience. At the same time, for the most difficult cases that require the help of a live agent, Unbabel’s langops platform removes language barriers from the service equation. Instead of having to hire agents based on language skills, brands take advantage of Unbabel to have English-speaking agents help customers in any language.

Customers can have high-quality experiences in their native language, while brands can deliver without high recruitment costs and without worrying about occupancy/efficiency challenges. All customer interactions, whether handled by chatbots or live agents, take place in the same chat window, without the customer having to navigate to a different website or social channel.

Together, Unbabel and Ada aim to deliver on that value proposition of maintaining a high-quality customer service experience while reducing costs through new efficiencies.

“We are always looking for opportunities to expand our services with those that align with our shared vision, and Ada was a perfect fit,” Pedro said. “Together, we will help businesses reduce costs and increase flexibility at an economic time when it matters most. We are also empowering organizations to deepen their understanding of how good conversations are with their clients by reporting on the quality of each translation.”

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