US visa essentials for human resources departments to understand

Understanding US Business Visa law is very important.

Human Resources (HR) departments often need to cover a lot of ground regarding work visas and other visas that can be obtained by people who work in/for a company. Moving staff from an office in Europe, for example, to the US branch probably means investing in legal support to better understand the process. For example, you may need to bring an executive and her family to the United States to help deal with a rapidly changing situation.

Here are some essential items to focus on when it comes to managing visa applications within your HR department.

Results are never as fast as you would like

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to process and declare a visa immediately. The Visa process is slow, and this means you should never expect a quick response. If you have someone (and/or their family) waiting to enter the country, you should be prepared to deal with Visas ahead of time.

In the late world of US Visa applications, there is never a way to simply ensure that you get your Visa quickly. The Visa program is highly bureaucratic, so each Visa application must go through several platforms to reach an agreement.

No matter the size of your business, you shouldn’t expect preferential treatment. As such, you should always have visa applications ‘in the mail’ as soon as possible. The sooner your human resources department can be informed of the possible need for a visa, the sooner an application can be processed and a decision made.

Always gather information in advance

Often an HR department can be blamed for Visa delays when it is not their fault. The most common reason is that the person who requires the visa must arrive soon. The best thing your HR team can do is gather all the information they need to start processing Visa documents.

This is very important, as you may need a lot of identifiable information to add to the Visa application. It is vital that you can have as much information on hand as possible so that the smallest details can be quickly collected and added to the application. Whenever possible, you should look for a legal firm to help expedite the review of information.

With their help, they can assist in writing the visa application while making sure you have all the relevant information attached and included.

Look for short-term Visa solutions

If someone needs to enter the US while your application is in progress, they can do so relatively easily. You should contact your human resources department most familiar with a B-1/B-2 visitor visa. This allows the individual in question to come to the United States and engage in what are known as ‘non-productive’ tasks.

This often means events like business meetings, trade shows, and conferences. However, they must not do any actual work on a visitor’s visa. Engaging in daily work activities violates US visitor status, which could cause serious problems down the road.

Make sure you are aware of all the possible short-term solutions that could be used. While it may mean they can’t participate in the required task until they receive a full visa, a visitor visa allows someone to participate in topic-related meetings and events. In many cases this is a better solution than nothing, but still worth considering.

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