Watch the speech that results in a life-changing investment and many tears

Watch episode three of the new season of Elevator Pitch for Entrepreneurs. In each episode of the show, entrepreneurs are challenged to get on an elevator and pitch their business on camera to a board of investors in 60 seconds or less. If investors like what they hear, the elevator doors open to reveal the boardroom and contestants have the chance to walk away with life-changing funding, mentorship from the smartest minds in business and a personal and defining moment of the brand.

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Episode 4 Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch investor meeting:

Episode 4 Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch Contestants:

  • Shawn Moye, founder of the Moye Group, an electronic sports trainer that trains perfect form in basketball and other sports.
  • Karen Frame, founder of Makeena, an app that helps shoppers find healthy and sustainable food deals
  • Loren Flason, founder of Vetchup, a healthy line of flavorful seasonings
  • Sharleen Ernster, founder of We are Hah, a lingerie line made from sustainable materials
  • Melissa Wiggins, founder of Bruetta, an on-the-go loose tea brewing system

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Who wins and who gets kicked out?

Sixty seconds may seem like a very short time to explain an idea, but as this episode shows, the clock isn’t always the enemy. An entrepreneur gets into doors, but has such a hard time explaining what the business is really about that our investors throw up their hands in exasperation. But more than one entrepreneur walks away with a deal that could change their company and his life.

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