‘We are all the CEOs of ourselves

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From time to time, you should turn a deaf ear to the external chatter and listen to your inner voice, because the real genius is within. – Pavan Soni, ‘Design your way of thinking’

Just like cricket, you can only win games if you work as a team. -AB deVilliers

The younger you are, perhaps you can bring in fresher ideas, but the older you are, the more dots you may have to connect from your exposure and experience. Both can be valuable. – Karthik Srinivasan, DesignUp 2022

A child’s academic success can greatly benefit from exposure to arts and crafts, as it not only fosters their creative development, but also leads to the creation and honing of their fundamental talents. – Manya Roongta and Krish Nawal, Children’s Art Museum of India

Art is not made by just non-functional jobs, and craft is not defined by skill alone. -Andrea Anastasio

The enhanced role of training as a CSR activity for nation building has been widely recognized. – Shaina Ganapathy, Embassy Group

There is no financial ROI on philanthropic work. You are looking for sustainable and viable results for the community. Results cannot be achieved until there is enough information. -Mansi Kasliwal, BYJU’S

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The brand of capitalism that drives growth for growth’s sake and ignores the social fabric of a society is rightly facing the biggest setback in its history. – Gautama Adani

A travel insurance cover that often came as an afterthought to many a few years ago has now become an integral part of booking for domestic and international travelers. – Sumit Agarwal, TripMoney

Inclusion is important, not just because you have to be fair and just, but because you have better ideas. – Nadir Godrej, Godrej Industries

Social perspectives and perceptions push women back. Just give them the right tools and set them free. -Srishti Sharma, Shakti

The presence of women in business culture is better equipped to understand the broader requirements of their communities and become the voice for those who are silenced. -Kajal Malik, PickMyWork

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One of the most crucial aspects of enabling women entrepreneurs to thrive remains creating a support ‘ecosystem’ for them that leaves from their homes. -Richa Jaggi, Awshad

Forget that you are a woman, believe in yourself, listen to your inner voice, challenge your own assumptions about what you can or cannot do. Be the entrepreneur of your life. -Senthamarai Gokulakrishnan, Yuukke

We are all the CEOs of ourselves: i, inc Take that role seriously! – Karthik Srinivasan, DesignUp 2022

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