You don’t have to buy a new iPhone every year, says iPhone co-creator

Ironically, it seems that the co-creator of the iPhone isn’t a big fan of people looking for every new update.

Apple’s iPhone has reached a level where most people, anywhere in the world, can afford and use the devices. And Tony Fadell, the co-creator of the iPhone, says they don’t need to buy the latest generation of the phone every year.

Tony himself has a 12th generation iPhone, he said in technological sparks, Your historyIndia’s flagship event and most influential emerging technology conference.

The only thing you have to realize is that as revolutionary as the computer or the mobile phone were in their day, that sometimes, at some point, they reach a technological pinnacle,” said Tony. Your history Founder and CEO Shradha Sharma during a video interview.

Tony is also the inventor of the iPod, the iconic portable music device that played a major role in the development of the iPhone. Twenty years and 32 models later, Apple discontinued the iPod in May of this year.

“We shouldn’t think differently about innovation when it comes to that point on the curve,” Tony said. “The iPod may be gone, but it will never be forgotten, because Apple…will not be the Apple of today without the iPod.”

After leaving Apple, Tony co-founded Nest Labs, the company that created the Nest Smart Thermostat. In 2016, Time named the iPod, iPhone, and the Nest Thermostat as three of the “50 Most Influential Devices of All Time.”

When asked what high-impact products entrepreneurs around the world can create, Tony said that people should focus on the climate crisis and create products around a circular economy.

Earlier this year, the co-creator of the iPhone released his new book titled, ‘Build: An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Doing’.

“The book is trying to be a tutorial encyclopedia, to capture all those things that I have learned through failure. I learned from some of the best mentors in the world and gave back the way they gave me,” she said.

Tony is an engineer, designer, investor, mentor, and author. He has built things that have changed the world, and billions around the world have used his creations.

In his book, he wrote: “Creating a product is like making a song. The band is comprised of marketing, sales, engineering, support, manufacturing, public relations, and legal. And the product manager is the producer, making sure that everyone knows the tune, that no one is out of tune, and that everyone does their part.”

He continues: “They’re the only people who can see and hear all the pieces come together, so they can tell when there’s too much bassoon or when a drum solo goes on too long when performances get out of control or people go crazy.” so caught up in their own project that they forget the big picture.”

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